A Travel Guest Post is a wonderful way to get your name out there to new and different audiences. Here are a few examples that authors have stopped by and share with us and you.

We’re excited to read your thoughts on a variety of topics, but there are a few things to keep in mind when submitting a guest post to Travel Through Life.

Word Count and Photos

Types of Articles We Accept

Best Things to Do/See/etc. in…, 

First Person Narratives about Why You Travel 

Giving Back/Volunteering

Destinations We're Seeking

Asia Travel Guides

China: Country/City-Specific

Indonesia: Bali (Food), Yogyakarta (Things to do in…), Country/City-Specific

Japan: Country/City-Specific

Laos: Country/City-Specific

Malaysia: Country/City-Specific

South Korea: Busan (Things to do), City-Specific

Thailand: Southern Islands-Specific, Food

Vietnam: Country/City-Specific

Australia Travel Guides

City-Specific (ex. Adelaide)


Europe Travel Guides

Austria: City-Specific

Belarus: City-Specific

Denmark: City-Specific

France: City-Specific

Germany: City-Specific

Italy: City-Specific

Malta: City-Specific

Sweden: City-Specific

The United Kingdom: City- and Country-Specific

North America Travel Guides

USA: Chicago (Food), New Orleans (Food), Otherwise City-Specific and State-Specific

Mexico: City-Specific

Canada: City-Specific, Province-Specific

Sponsored Post Inquiries

If any links are placed in your post on behalf of a company, this qualifies as a sponsored guest post and is subject to charge by yours truly. Let us know if you’re interested and we can reply with rates in a subsequent email.

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