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What You Need to Pack for a Trip to Mexico

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If you’re getting ready to visit Mexico, understand that it’s a massive country with huge varieties of locations to see. The capital city is where many will start, but others opt for the vast and many coastal paradises that make Mexico a perfect destination for relaxation-seekers. Regardless of where you start, knowing what to pack is crucial to ensuring a great stay in Tierra Azteca. Here are a few things you need to pack for a trip to Mexico.

Mexico City

The capital city is full of amazing cuisine and is a real testament to Mexican history and culture. If booking a hotel in Mexico City, please bring at least a couple of long sleeve t-shirts because it can get cool even on summer evenings. To cope with the city’s high altitude, take it easy on the alcohol at first and hydrate enough to cope. After a day or two, you can start consuming tequila sunrises but in a responsible way.

Puerto Vallarta

People have long enjoyed Puerto Vallarta as a beautiful Pacific outpost, away from the busier Yucatán highlights. The weather here is fabulous throughout most of the year, which means visitors will spend plenty of time on its wonderful beaches. Pack some sandals for walks on the hot sand and a hat for the powerful sun after you book a hotel in Puerto Vallarta.

Playa Mujeres

Playa Mujeres is a great alternative to nearby Cancun and full of great inclusive hotels. If staying at a resort, you’ll likely alternate between a bathing suit and something nice for dinner. Those who want to leave the hotel for a few minutes should just pack one day’s worth of extra clothes so there’s room for the inevitable souvenir haul for friends and family.

Cabo San José

Visitors to Cabo San José know to prepare for a great beach getaway and to pack light but fashion-savvy travelers should pack a colorful sarong to fit in with the beach trends. One other thing to remember is that nighttime temperatures can drop to light sweater levels. Otherwise, your stay in Cabo San Jose won’t require any more caution.

Puerto Morelos

This Mayan Riviera wonderland will someday see a tourist boom but for now, book a hotel in Puerto Morelos and keep the secret between you and me. Aside from sunscreen and aloe for the burn that comes in the evenings, be sure to pack a duffel bag so you can load up on souvenirs while staying in Puerto Morelos. You might need to pack two.

As you can see, Mexico’s not only diverse in its things to do and see but in what you need to bring along for a trip there. Have you chosen a place to stay in this wonderful country? If so, I bet you’re ready to have some fun in one of Mexico’s best spots. Just don’t forget to follow these packing tips and let this wonderful country take care of the rest. Enjoy your stay in Mexico, no matter where you decide to visit.

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