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Toronto on a Budget

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Toronto on a Budget

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, thanks to an ever-expanding, diverse population. As a visitor, you’ll love the mixture of locals and tourists walking around this bustling metropolis. The only problem is that prices are always rising in Toronto. How do you enjoy it all without going broke? Stick to this guide for tips to enjoying Toronto on a budget.

When to Visit

Toronto’s best weather comes in the summer, from June to August, and that’s when everyone else wants to join in on the fun. Tons of free or cheap summer events bring visitors from all over the world, but hotel prices jump when the crowds arrive. Visit during the fall to enjoy the beautiful city and its spectacular foliage without the crowds.  Even during Toronto’s harsh winter, you may be surprised at the things you can do.

Getting Around

Peak travel to Toronto is in the summer, but even then, you can save money by flying into airports other than Pearson International. Once in the city, keep your wallet happy by sticking to Toronto’s extensive public transportation network. The Toronto Transit Commission includes a lineup of trains, buses, and streetcars known for their convenience and cleanliness.

Cyclists will love Bike Share Toronto and will find the city easy to navigate on two wheels. Seeing the city this way is fun, but if the weather doesn’t permit biking, there is another option.PATH, Toronto’s super-connected underground walkway, is perfect for avoiding the cold of winter or the heat of summer.

Eat and Enjoy

Budget travelers will find many cheap, fun things to do in Toronto–so many that you may wonder how to fit it all in! For a value-packed trip, book a City Pass to get access to Toronto attractions like CN Tower at a discount. You can join a Downtown Toronto Tour that will thoroughly cover some of Toronto’s most important sites, but if you’re looking for something a little different, try a Segway 30-minute spin tour through the distillery district.

If you want some good time outdoors, head to Toronto Island for a picnic, some Frisbee golf, and lots of other fun activities.  Before packing a lunch for the big day out, you should check out one of Toronto’s best cheap eats. There are so many to choose from that you will never run out of options. For a full foodie experience, Kensington Market has something for everyone. Tons of shopping and events surround this huge collection of eateries from all over the world. You won’t go home hungry after visiting Kensington Market.

As you can see, Toronto is perfect for budget travelers. Although it might seem expensive at first glance, this guide shows just how much fun you can have while saving money. If you haven’t already, go ahead and book a cheap flight to Toronto and keep this guide around while planning. Enjoy your stay in Toronto, and may your budget stay in tact after visiting!

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