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Every time you step outside your door, you have a chance to travel through life. Travel doesn’t have to be a yearly family vacation or longterm trip. Instead, it can be every meal you enjoy at a new restaurant in town, a nearby indoor attraction, or a nature walk that’s within a short drive from your home.

About the Travel Through Life Team

Carl Hedinger is the writer and Christina Riley is the photographer for Travel Through Life. After years of living abroad, we now call the good ole USA “home.” From our base in North Carolina, we share our travel stories, travel guides, and experiences with you here and at our sister site NC Tripping.

Pretty much from day one in my life, I played with maps, globes, and anything else that showed me the world. I wanted to see it and it took some time before I took a chance on a Study Abroad opportunity in Japan, with very little knowledge of the language.

And that’s where my most wonderful memories as a traveler began. I never would’ve met Christina without first going away to Japan, but I never would’ve found myself, either.

The person in charge of 99% of the photos is my wonderful wife Christina Riley. She loves her Nikon d5100 and lens by Sigma. Christina also enjoys hunting for a rock to stand on or a mountaintop to do yoga poses on. She’s also an excellent designer and knows a thing or two about social media marketing and does consultations!

Prior to meeting “some dude in a bar” (ME), she had already seen some parts of the world, having traveled through parts of Europe with her family. The topic of travel didn’t come up until we decided to go live in South Korea, and boy did that ever change our lives!

We view this world as an abundant one, full of places, people, and things worth seeing. That’s a message that we’re hoping to pass on to our daughter as she learns more about life. Our goal is to unlock you from the prison that is your own walls or fear of getting out there and to show you that there’s a very wide and wonderful world out there. If that’s a message you share and would like to touch upon, join the conversation and come on board as a guest author.

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