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Why Italy is a Year-Round Destination

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Image via Flickr by Carola Photography

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Why Italy is a Year-Round Destination

There are too many parts of Italy to cover by making individual visits. Besides, you probably know all the attractions and cities already. One thing you need to understand about Italy is that this country has something for everyone, no matter what time of year you decide to visit. There are many resources that illustrate how Italy is a year-round destination, and this article too will help you learn how travelers can enjoy it throughout each season. Let’s get started with the shoulder and work our way into the peak time for visiting Italy.

Beat the Crowds in the Spring

Most people prefer to visit Italy in seasons other than spring, and they’re really missing out. While most of Italy can be a bit cool during early spring, there are still tons of fun things to do. Enjoy the tail end of ski season in the north, or stay in Venice for Valentine’s Day. A trip south means an opportunity to explore Sicily’s secrets before summer peak begins. That all changes during Easter and in late spring, when prices and visitor numbers increase. Otherwise, it’s pretty relaxed in comparison to the following months.

Embrace the Peak of Summer

When traveling to Italy in summer, you must first book in advance and ask questions later. There are so many things to do in the country during this time, but beaches generally top everyone’s list. Private patches of sand tend to win visitors’ hearts over the free ones. Fall isn’t the only festive season, as the Umbria Jazz Festival and Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto draw crowds from all over. Grab a gelato or a slice of pizza and embrace the peak of summer, because that’s the best time to visit Italy from a weather and activity perspective.

Eat and Celebrate Fall

Fall visitors might have something to say about whether you should visit during the summer or just after. It will get cool during the later months, but the fall isn’t nearly as chilly as winter. Foliage in the countryside spots like Lazio, Umbria, or Le Marche are enough to impress even New Englanders. If that’s not enough, harvest festivals galore dot the country, celebrating seasonal foods like truffles, grapes, and chocolate to name a few. That also means peak wine drinking time for you aficionados!

Discover Winter

The fun doesn’t end in winter, contrary to what you might believe. The weather cools off, but this is Italy, not Scandinavia. Brave the mild cold and enjoy fewer crowds, except for Christmastime in the Vatican and Rome. New Year’s and Epiphany are busy periods but also the last holiday before Carnivale arrives to make Venice the top destination in Italy. Take advantage of lower prices on accommodations or train tickets in a place like Milan. There you have a wonderful city and gateway to the Alps for skiing.

Ready to Visit Italy?

Now that your Italy seasonal travel guide is complete, aren’t you ready to get started filling that itinerary? Which season will you choose when booking a trip to Italy? Either way, I know you’re going to have an absolutely wonderful time. Be sure to bring at least a couple of friends and loved ones along for the ride, okay?

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