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Vienna’s Greatest Hits

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Are you still trying to convince yourself that Vienna is worth visiting? For starters, you’re headed to a cultural mecca full of history and a contemporary scene that has visitors questioning why they should ever leave. You’ll find world heritage sites, beautiful architecture, and wonderful green spaces. Entertainment lovers will scramble for more time to enjoy Vienna’s numerous activities. This guide to Vienna’s greatest hits will help you enjoy the Imperial City in comfortable fashion.

When You Should Go

Viennese weather is usually at its mildest in spring and fall, with temperatures peaking in the summer. Hot days lead to more visitors descending upon the Imperial City, so if you want to stay away from the crowds, stick to the shoulders outside the summer. Though Vienna can get quite cold, many people love to come in the winter. Then, you can enjoy the city’s Christmas Markets and wonderful snowy scenes that take over Vienna in December.

Do and See

Most visitors come to Vienna for its famed City Centre, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can spend an entire day just walking around the various museums, admiring some of Europe’s finest architecture. Top sites include St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Imperial Palace, but there are tons more wonderful things for you to stumble upon while strolling around the heart of Vienna’s history and culture. Grab a Vienna Card and visit as many places for less than you’d spend at each attraction.

Drink and Eat

If you need a pick-me-up or place to rest for a while, then this is the right city for you. Vienna hosts the world’s finest coffee house culture in the world, where cafes are more like extended living spaces instead of places to grab a cup of Joe. When it’s time to eat, Vienna has something for everyone. The city’s cuisine will rock your world, thanks to many bakeries, restaurants, and street food stalls that will serve until you reach a food coma. Nightlifers will love Vienna’s vibrant and growing wine scene. Visit a vinoteque or wine bar, and you’ll realize that Vienna is a wine capital worth mentioning to your friends.

What Else Should I Know? 

You’ll find out early on that Vienna is fittingly called the City of Music and the City of Dreams, thanks to names like Mozart and Freud producing such influential work while here. Everyone goes for the attractions within the city, but one of the best ways to enjoy Vienna is from above. You can find panoramic views on the city’s famed ferris wheel or one of the many rooftops and towers available throughout Vienna. One last thing you should know is that many of Vienna’s attractions and shops close at or around 5 p.m., though the city’s nightlife will rage on until early morning.

So now that you’ve got this guide to Vienna’s greatest hits, don’t you think it’s time to book a flight there? Austria’s capital city is waiting to amaze you with wonderful scenes, tastes, and experiences, so you’d better get started planning your trip. Enjoy Vienna and pass this guide on to your friends.

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