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Proximity Hotel: Why We Will Stay Again

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Proximity Hotel in Greensboro has been on my mind for a while, long after we enjoyed a stay there. Normally, We’ll stay at a hotel and use it as the base for exploring whatever place we’re visiting in North Carolina, and then move on. But Proximity has been on my mind ever since checking out and I’ve been trying to pin down why. Between the focus on sustainability, homey rooms, and amazing creations coming out of Print Works Bistro, I can’t put my finger on it. So until I get this awesome place out of my head, you should know about why we’ll be staying there again.

This post on Proximity Hotel is a part of our blog’s series on North Carolina travel. It is also a part of our Hotel Guides series. There, we’ve featured places to stay, including Hyatt Place in Charleston, South Carolina, the Cardinal Hotel in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and more!

Disclosure Note

Special thanks to the Greensboro Area Convention & Visitors Bureau for providing us with complimentary accommodations at Proximity Hotel. All opinions within this article are our own. This post originally appeared on our blog’s sister site NC Tripping.

Proximity Hotel in Greensboro

If you’re already convinced. We recommend you book directly through Proximity Hotel’s site, but you can compare prices among booking websites here

It’s Employee-Owned

Employee Owned Hotels in Greensboro NC Proximity Image
The Social Lobby.

Personally, I wanted to know about Proximity’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) from the get-go. Owners Dennis Quaintance and Nancy King Quaintance remain the faces of the hotel, but in 2017, they transferred ownership to employees via an ESOP Trust. It gave employees a piece of the company and more incentive to keep up Proximity’s high standards. Even if you don’t know about this, I guarantee you’ll come away impressed with the level of service offered by each of this hotel’s employees. I know I did.

Proximity Loves the Earth

You could spend a long time wrapping your head around Proximity Hotel’s sustainable practices, so I’ll stick to my own experiences. Seeing solar panels on the roof as I approached the hotel for the first time gave me a good feeling to start. We learned during a building tour that Proximity was built with reinforced steel (90 percent post-consumer recycled). They build the Print Works Bistro bar out of salvaged walnut trees. There’s also an emphasis on natural lighting and water conservation throughout the hotel, thanks to energy-efficient windows and plumbing fixtures.


Sustainable Hotels in Greensboro NC Proximity Image

And I’m not just saying that Proximity Hotel loves the earth. Because of these innovations, Proximity and Print Works Bistro were the first restaurant and hotel in the US to receive the Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Certification. Honestly, these are just a few of the things Proximity Hotel are doing for the environment. You can learn more via their Sustainable Practices page.

Home Away from Home

Greensboro NC Proximity Hotel Inside Room Image

At Proximity, there’s this sense that permeates throughout the building that you’re more than a guest. And that’s not just the triple-filtered air that we’ll get to when discussing your soon-to-be room. Maybe it was the Neighborhood Letter from the Proximity team that welcomes each guest.

Or what about the Honest Drinking Bar in our floor’s Living Room (found on floors three to eight)? That’s where you could leave what you wanted in exchange for a Coke. Honestly, I don’t know. But those are two strong candidates for that “home away from home” feeling I got while staying at Proximity Hotel.

Livable Rooms, Really!

Hotels in Greensboro NC Proximity Hotel Loft King Spa
The Loft King Spa Room.

Frankly, though, it came down to the room (Loft King) that we called home for the weekend. Triple-filtered outside air and walls decorated by Proximity’s artisan in residence greeted us as we unpacked our things.

Hotels in Greensboro NC Proximity Hotel Inside Room Couch Image

My relaxation spiked after getting situated, thanks to some time laying down on the sofa that sat next to our room’s floor-to-ceiling windows. We’d wake up in the morning, feeling refreshed from sleeping on our comfy Magi Bed. Then, we’d open the curtains and enjoy some early morning sun with our in-room coffee.

Speaking of the weekend, here’s what we think you should do during yours in Greensboro.

Sensible Amenities

Proximity Hotel in Greensboro NC Amenities Inside Room Image

Some might not be surprised available amenities at Proximity Hotel, but they added touches of home in places travelers don’t always think about. There’s the coffee maker, microwave, and mini-fridge combo that we all expect. However, I can’t think of too many places that offer a seat in the bathroom for touching up. Nor can I remember seeing the selection of local magazines that scream North Carolina (Our State, etc.) as I found in our room. Another bonus for me was the abundance of USB charging and plugs next to our bed. It’s like they get that we need constant juice flowing into our devices!

Things to Do in Greensboro NC Proximity Hotel Image

More fun Proximity amenities include a seasonal saltwater pool, bicycle rentals for guests, and transportation to and from PTI Airport (FREE) and into Greensboro (fee).

Print Works Bistro

With all this livability, there’s one last thing that’s always on our minds—food. And that’s where Print Works Bistro came in, with local ingredient-crafted deliciousness arriving at our table. Hopefully, you’ll stay at Proximity on the weekend so you can enjoy Duck Confit Hash and Shrimp and Grits during brunch (You’re welcome!). However, they have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night menus to serve you at nearly every hour.

Print Works Bistro Greensboro NC Image

Just don’t overlook the drink menu. No, you don’t want to miss out on any one of the hundreds of wine bottles they offer. Delicious, handcrafted drinks like the Old Fashioned that I enjoyed one night also deserve your attention.

Final Thoughts and Yours, Too!

And it’s not like the story ends here. I can’t forget the mornings I spent relaxing in the Social Lobby near Print Works and the Bluebell Garden outside. These two friendly spaces are just another reason why I can’t stop thinking about Proximity Hotel. If they’re anything like this wonderful place to stay, I want to spend time exploring the rest of the Quaintance Weaver family, including the nearby O.Henry Hotel and Green Valley Grill Restaurant, as well as Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen‘s two locations in Greensboro and Cary.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. We’d love to know about your thoughts on the awesome Proximity Hotel in Greensboro. Ever stayed there? If you haven’t been, what do you think is the best part of this place? Share your thoughts in the comments and keep this conversation going!

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