Why Not Visit The Philippines El Nido!

The Philippines El Nido
Written by Carl Hedinger

The Philippines El Nido

Some places should take work to reach. For now, that’s the case with the Philippines El Nido. This unpolished gem of a town sits near the northern edge of the Philippine island of Palawan. Christina and I spent a wonderful week in El Nido and enjoyed every moment of our time there. From the awesome boat tours to our chance meeting with some amazing people, El Nido was probably one of the best trips we’ve ever taken. That’s why I want to share this intro to El Nido with you.

View from the shore at Nacpan Beach, El Nido in the Philippines

Flights are available for those short on time and long on money but who would do that? Isn’t life be all about that 5-6 hour ride in a van packed to the brim bouncing around on paved and unpaved roads alike?

It should be required reading for those hoping to enjoy this magical town. An hour plane ride would be more an annoyance than anything so why not hop on a bus and brave the trip?

Beautiful El Nido Water

But even the vans are more luxurious than the buses that add an extra couple of hours to the journey from Puerto Princessa, Palawan’s provincial capital and main travel hub. It’s painful but totally worth it, based on what you’re seeing here. 

In this intro to El Nido, I just want to share some of the many beautiful moments here that have happened among this gorgeous scenery. Different shades of green and blue coloring the landscapes as we investigated via boat. 

View from Matinloc Island, El Nido

Hopefully someday I’ll get to revisit this exquisite place but for now, that week will have to serve as just a small taste. Have you ever felt like there’s never enough time? That’s how I feel about El Nido and even its surroundings.

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On a Boat off El Nido in Palawan, The Philippines

Maybe someday, El Nido. I’ll miss you for now and hopefully we’ll get to meet again.

Have you ever been to El Nido? What did you think? 

Visit El Nido in the Philippines

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