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El Nido Palawan El Nido Boat Tours

Enjoying El Nido Boat Tours in the Philippines

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The night before, we’d shared drinks and hookah with some fabulous companions and the idea of taking a boat tour came up. I thought that maybe one round would be enough. Wouldn’t torrential downpours—and the boat breaking down during the first one—have been enough? After a couple of days snorkeling and riding around on the water, I want to share our El Nido boat tours experiences here.

Some images from our trip to the Philippines and to El Nido still inspire wanderlust and a desire for us to return.

El Nido Boat Tours

This El Nido travel guide is part of our series on Southeast Asia Travel. It was originally created on December 15, 2014. It has been maintained and updated (as of December 27, 2018) to reflect current viewpoints and travel trends.

Our Story

I sometimes look back on El Nido and think about the people first. Those thoughts lift me up and bring me down at the same time, realizing that we’d met people who are really doing things and helping people in need. Island nights and boat tours enhance the ambiance and make one think of those encounters as perfect though, don’t they?

Moving on the water with the wind and waves makes me feel as close to real living as I can get. Spending this tour with our aforementioned friends became a day worth retelling. The stories these ladies had of tough times—in countries I could barely place on a map—could alone supply campfires and family gatherings with entertainment.

But sure enough, the day had more in store for us as the boat engine broke down and the rain reached monsoon levels. While the captain and our guide worked tirelessly to get the show back on the road, our friends perfectly fit such a situation. No complaining about the terrible weather and unfortunate circumstances because they’d seen worse. I learned new levels of appreciation after spending just an hour with these ladies. Perhaps the wonderful company from the first day made us sign up for another boat tour after a day at Nacpan Beach.

The second day had no weather or boat problems. It was a sunny and perfect day. Just like before, we lucked out and shared with just another couple. I felt bad for the boats full of people, with hardly enough room to stretch out those legs worn down from a day of snorkeling.

Aside from the space, these companions were nice but not full of stories like our fast friends. The weather was just right for a nice day on the water. After seeing gorgeous lagoons and corals, my final memory was from our stop at an island resort with a gorgeous beach. Christina and I walked around searching for places to photograph. Some of the photos she took still inspire our wanderlust to return to the Philippines.

While she was up to important stuff like that, I sat in the sand and while thinking, some rustling from a nearby tree stole my attention. Nothing really important to see, I remember. It was just a guy climbing and safely lowering some coconuts down to meet demands from the snack bar. Children were playing in the water with their families while the music softly played in the background.

I wondered what our friends from Samar were doing and how the day was treating them. Would we meet them again and be able to say “thank you” for the stories and inspiration? I noticed our companions on the boat with the captain and guide. El Nido Town was the next stop. This marvelous day and tour neared its end – time for another sunset from our balcony as the music started to pick up. It was time for another island night – another one in paradise.

What do you think of our experiences with El Nido Boat Tours? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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      I’m sure you will. Thanks for commenting on this. I bet you’re excited to go. Will you be traveling alone there? If so, not to worry. I hear you’re never alone even if traveling solo. People look out for you.

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