The Essential Baby Travel Packing List For Infants

The Essential Baby Travel Packing List for Infants

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We’ve created our very own baby travel packing list for infants and want to share it with you. Because when you’re traveling with an infant (0 to 6 months), you probably think you’ll need a million things. But really, you don’t and we’ll show you the things you really need for an adventure with your little one.

The Essential Baby Travel Packing List For Infants

Baby Travel Packing List by Travel Through Life

This is part of our series on baby travel and our broader section on travel with kids. If you’d like to see more of how we travel with baby in tow, please let us know! We’re always open to new ideas.


(2 to 4 changes per day)

Baby Travel Packing List Cute Clothes
I think we might have to snuggle this muggle…

Baby clothes are so cute and should always make your holiday checklist. But one thing we’ve learned is that one minute, the kid fits in them, and she’s too big the next.

Vacation Packing List for Infants Pajamas

Of course, don’t forget cute pajamas to keep your kid warm and adorable through the night!

Find the most snugglable clothes for infants here!

Diapers: Cloth and/or Disposable

(6 per day)

Holiday Packing List for Baby Cloth Diapers

For both cloth diapers and disposables, we also bring along a Wet/Dry Bag in case we need to change at a place without a trash can. We also use this in our hotel rooms just as a courtesy to the cleaning staff. Maybe we’re too nice?

Check for best pricing on diapers for your infant!

Wet Wipes

(1 box per week)

Vacation Packing List for Baby Wet Wipes
Your challenge: To clean this face with one wipe!

Wet wipes are lifesavers and these Amazon Elements wipes are free of added fragrances, alcohol, and other stuff that’s not too good for you or the earth.

Search for more of the best wet wipes for you and your family!

Burp Cloths & Drool Bibs

(2 to 3 per day, each)

Packing List for a Trip with Baby Drool Bibs

A burp cloth is essential during the first dozen or so months, especially after feeding. Drool bibs come in handy when teething begins. Both are great when we need to quickly clean up a mess.

Find more burp cloths and drool bibs that fit your little one!


(as many as you feel necessary)

Baby Travel Essentials List Pacifier

Pacifiers are like socks in a dryer, as I feel like our child has a secret stash of them somewhere. These BPA-free ones by Philips are Charlotte’s favorite, though it could vary for you. We also recommend bringing a clip that attaches to the baby’s clothes, so you have a better chance of not losing your paci!

Find the pacifier that’s the best fit for your baby!

“Chill-Out” Toys

(1 to 2)

Things to Pack for a Trip with Baby Chill Out Toys

We like naming our child’s toys, even if there’s already something established. Rickon Stark here by Skip Hop(of Game of Thrones fame: SPOILER ALERT) is great for developmental play, has a fun-sounding rattle, and cute eyes that light up our daughter’s face every time.

Find more fun toys like ours to help keep your infant entertained during the trip!

Ergobaby Carrier

Baby Travel Ergo 360
The Ergo 360 is great any time, especially when hiking

Ergobaby’s Award-Winning 360 (or as we call it, “The Ergo”) is great for hiking with a baby but also walks through areas where a stroller might not work. Think crowded areas or places with minimal space.

Check out our list of baby hiking gear beyond the carrier and you’ll find the Ergo, along with more!

A Durable and Multi-Purpose Stroller

Baby Travel Stroller Umbrella Stroller

We tested a few different strollers and found ours. However, we also learned that it was a case of what worked for us maybe not working for everyone. Because we don’t have a huge car, we can’t take the jogging stroller on trips because of the huge wheel. We’ve test-ridden some that double as a car seat, which might work for you, too!

We’ve loved this small light-weight travel stroller forever and continued using it even as our little one got older

A Blanket

Baby Travel Packing Checklist Blanket

For chilly days and breezes, it’s nice to have a blanket handy. That way, we can tuck the little one in and keep her nice and warm when out. Really, anything with some thickness will do.

Find the best baby blankets that will keep your little one warm and comfy! 

Travel Bassinet

Ultimate Packing List for Infant Travel

This was a nice thing to have when Charlotte was really young. She did grow out of it after about six months, but having a travel bassinet was great for times when we needed to put her down in a hotel room.

We love this bassinet so much that we included it in our Four-Gift Christmas Challenge for Travelers!

Bonus: Travel Highchair

Baby Travel Checklist for Infant Travel Highchair

Some people pack a Travel Highchair but we’ve been finding more and more places already have one on hand. Still, you might want to bring one along if you the highchairs on hand are too short for the table, which we’ve found to be the case.

The best travel highchairs are just a click away! 

Our Thoughts and Yours, Too!

We’re definitely not perfect and there have been quite a few times when we’ve forgotten things. Here’s the way we look at it: as long as we have diapers, the baby, and each other, everything will work out. As long as we follow this baby travel packing list, we know what the kid needs and we can then worry about what to pack for ourselves.

Does this cover your baby travel packing list? What should we add? Or is there something we should take away? We’d love to read your thoughts in the comments:) 

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