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Hipmunk Hotels: Mountain State Hits from Boise to Henderson and Beyond

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Mountain State Hits

If you’re looking for something new for your travel itinerary, let me introduce five of America’s finest cities in the far Midwest. Stretching from Boise to Santa Fé, these wonderful Mountain State hits feature plenty of attractions, whether you’re interested in nature or art, and you’ll find a host of comfortable, budget-friendly hotels in which to stay while you explore these Mountain State cities.

Boise, Idaho

Visit Boise and start with a trip to the Boise River Greenbelt or the Bridge to Trail System for a walk or bike ride in peace. History buffs flock to the Old Idaho State Penitentiary for its preserved cells and weapons museum. The Idaho Botanical Garden is close to the penitentiary and a great alternative for those in search of color and floral displays. Many people come to town to watch Boise State battle it out on the blue gridiron at Bronco Stadium, which seats 37,000.

Laughlin, Nevada

People travel to Laughlin for its casinos and as an RV destination for those who are traveling across the country. Aside from being the 3rd most popular gambling spot in Nevada, Laughlin’s popular attractions include Grapevine Canyon for hikers and the Colorado Riverfront that appeals to the more relaxed walkers. Lake Mohave is known as a great way to spend an afternoon of even the day with family, friends or just yourself when in Laughlin.

Henderson, Nevada

Henderson is technically part of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area and, on its own, is Nevada’s 2nd largest city. Aside from its well-known gambling industry, visitors can get outdoors and visit the Lion Habitat Ranch and support a growing effort to care for rescued cats from all over. Animal lovers have more options with the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve and its wide spaces for scoping out various fowl species.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Visit Flagstaff in Northern Arizona and you’ll have access to the “City of 7 Wonders,” as it’s commonly known. Outdoor options abound and include Walnut Canyon National Park, which has parts that are tough for even the fittest travelers. Lowell Observatory will piqué your stargazing interest, while Flagstaff’s Historic Downtown and Railroad District will take you back to the Old West.

Santa Fé, New Mexico

Head to Santa Fé in the Sangre de Cristo foothills and have a look at New Mexico’s truly historic and picturesque capital. Catch a show and watch the sunset at the open-air Santa Fé Opera House out in Tesuque. Explore the Plaza area and enjoy sights like The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, or walk along Canyon Road and experience its highly acclaimed galleries.

What do you think about these five awesome cities now? I bet you’re ready to start planning for that trip. Which one did you choose first or did you decide to knock them all out in one fell swoop? No matter which way you go, enjoy these American Midwest hits from Idaho to New Mexico and be sure to tell your friends all about them!

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  1. Jeri says:

    Visitors to Boise who visit June-September should definitely put the Idaho Shakespeare Festival on their “must experience” list. It’s a beautiful outdoor theater with a high-caliber cast of actors.

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