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London City Guide - The Greatest Hits - The London Eye by Joanna D via

London City Guide – The Greatest Hits

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London City Guide – The Greatest Hits

London is a wonderful city in so many ways and reminds us that one visit is simply not enough. Whether booking a flight to London or traveling via Europe’s super-connected rail system, you will get hooked and wanting more of this fantastic city on the Thames. London intimidates even the most seasoned travelers, thanks to a never-ending list of attractions. The challenge is to feel like you’ve seen and done as much of the city as possible, and that’s the idea behind creating this guide. You want to get the most out of your stay and have come to the right place. Here is a London City Guide with the greatest hits for all to see.

Dig Into the History

For travelers who first visit London, it’s unavoidable to dig into this rich historical center. Begin at Trafalgar Square and move towards Westminster Abbey where you won’t be far away from some other icons including Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Head past 10 Downing Street and you’ll be right in front of the National Gallery and not far from the British Museum. Move further down the Thames via the Underground and see the Tower of London, and learn about its dark past. There’s so much more but this will get you started towards understanding London’s history.

Eat like a King

Once you’ve seen so much of London’s history, you’re going to need a meal. For the best food experience, Camden Lock Market is a must and is close to the London Zoo. With a diverse array of ethnic cuisines spanning the globe, you’ll want to take a breather and just enjoy the smells before deciding on your first meal. Head to the London Bridge area and spend some time at Borough Market, where you’ll witness one of the most action-packed food courts on the planet. There’s very little seating available but don’t worry. Tons of visitors stand and eat so you’ll fit in when enjoying a meal on your feet.

Entertainment Inside and Out

The fun doesn’t stop after London’s wonderful historical and food finds, as you’re also visiting an entertainment paradise. Whether spending the day inside or out, London has something for you to enjoy. Beat the English rain with a day in the West End Theatre District, with shows playing all day through the evening. If weather permits, go outside and spend some time at St. James’s Park. Whether in the morning or evening, you have to take a ride on the London Eye. You’ll never get a better view of the city, so prepare to wait in line because everyone wants in on the fun as well.

If you complete these things during your time in London, then congratulations! It is possible to have the total London experience but take it easy. London is a city that is worth seeing more than once. There is plenty of time and as you see, more than enough things to do. Through this guide, London’s greatest hits is the perfect way to begin your adventure.

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