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South Korea Beaches Yang Yang Naksan Beach Travel Guide

Visiting Naksan Beach for Sunrise in South Korea

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I’ve fondly written of sunsets and though those words hold true for me, the day’s opening like at South Korea‘s Naksan Beach offers more than its closing. Yes, sunsets are beautiful and worth a look. Hopefully everyone has taken one in and pondered its beauty for even a brief moment. But sunsets are easy pickings and have created something of a jaded feeling that can only be cleansed from its antagonist.

Naksan Beach also appeared in our feature on Spring Things to Do in South Korea.

Naksan Beach Sunrise and Temple Walk

It’s the sunrises that pose a challenge, requiring an early start or late night to witness. In the summer, who wants to wake up that early? We all love to sleep in and catch up on misplaced rest but seeing the sun emerge from the previous night’s slumber? Try it. Even if it’s something that we’ve all done before, try it again. Remember just how beautiful the sky becomes as our most important star rises up to start the day.

Naksan Beach and the temple had been on my mind for quite some time, thanks to a friend mentioning the town of Yang Yang and the beautiful beach found there. The temple and Buddha statue overlooking Naksan Beach deserve a visit if one ventures to Korea’s east coast. Beaches are abundant on this side of the country but this one stands out in my humble mind. I’ll never think about the east coast without remembering that gorgeous place and its beautiful sunrise.

This travel guide is part of our series on South Korea Travel and East Asia Travel. It was originally created on September 15, 2014. It has been maintained and updated (as of December 28, 2018) to reflect current viewpoints and travel trends.

17 thoughts on “Visiting Naksan Beach for Sunrise in South Korea

  1. Meagan | says:

    We live on the east coast so sunrises tend to be the best for us. A couple times we have done 2-3 hour drives to get to the sunrises, which means waking up sometimes on or before 2am. It physically hurts to wake up that early! It’s usually so so so worth it though. We have witnessed a few pretty spectacular sunrises here in Korea. Looks like it paid off for you guys as well.

  2. Kirsten Joelle says:

    There was one time I tried filming a time lapse of the sunrise at Haeundae Beach. I camped out on the beach and woke up in time to chuck my GoPro outside the tent and go back to sleep, just to watch the footage at home and realize the sunrise wasn’t visible because the beach faces more south than east haha. So kudos to you for capturing one! I’m determined to catch one before I leave this place!

  3. Nathan Anderson says:

    Sunrises are tough for me as well. Sleep is such a precious thing…

    Still, that picture you’ve got is gorgeous. The writing in this post really put me by the sea, watching the sun come up. Just like a real sunrise, it was over too soon. Thanks for sharing!

    Btw, the new site layout is really slick. I like it!

  4. Evan and Rachel says:

    I have to admit I dont think me and Evan have ever made a sunrise together. haha I’d love to, I guess I just haven’t been determined enough to not hit the snooze button. It looks gorgeous! We’ve been there but it was pretty overcast, although still very beautiful. Lovely pictures!

  5. usaabroad says:

    Absolutely stunning photos. Sunrises are definitely a challenge for me, I always mean to get up for them, but I’m such a night owl. Maybe I should just start staying up until it rises!

  6. Nailah Rivers says:

    You’re right! Witnessing the sunrise does pose a challenge. I’d love to see the sunrise from Sunrise Peak here on Jeju Island, but just like you said…getting up that early. Eek! I’ll have to make the effort soon. Then we can compare pictures.

  7. rafiqua says:

    Beautiful pictures! I wish you could tell me more about Naksan, I actually live on the East cost down in Pohang. You totally right about never waking up for sunrises, I’m so lazy to do it! However I feel now that summer is leaving us I should do it just one time before it gets too cold!

  8. Matt Inman says:

    Awesome photos!

    Yeah, every once in a while I try to catch the sunrise by waking up early. It is difficult, but it’s always worth it. You can either easily go back to sleep for a few hours, or have an awesomely early start to your day. I prefer the latter because seeing the sunrise is inspiring for me to get the day started and get things done. I’ll have to try to catch one soon!

  9. jobicusmaximus says:

    The most memorable sunset I have is from Boracay, Philippines. I sat on the beach with some friends and watched the sun go down like it was peeling around the Earth, until it finally fell off the face of it as though the world was flat. I can’t remember the last time I saw a sunrise. Thanks for the reminder to look for that one too!

    • Mrs. Duke Stewart says:

      That’s a wonderful memory to have! I think mine would be while we were in Jeju our first year and trying to catch the sunset every night. We would pull the scooter over wherever we could just to sit there and watch it go down. This was my first sunrise in a loooong time, but I think I will make them more of a habit!

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