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#FunTravelChat on Twitter

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#FunTravelChat is our travel-related Twitter chat that we co-host with our good buddy Charles McCool! If you’re one of the millions of Twitter users out there—by the way, are you following Travel Through Life?—you might be aware that live Twitter chats are a thing. But don’t worry, this post is for you, too. First, let’s cover the ins and outs of #FunTravelChat and why you should join us.


How to #FunTravelChat

For #FunTravelChat, we’re going to put Four Questions out into the world from 12:00–12:30 PM Eastern Time EVERY Monday, and here’s the format: 

Example Question: Q1 What’s your favorite planet? #ExampleChat

Example Answer: A1 The Sun #ExampleChat #HarryCaray 

Note: So we can keep up with your awesome answers, please include #FunTravelChat inside every tweet you send out during the chat.  

More Twitter Chat Tips

Best Hashtags for Travel FunTravelChat

Twitter chats can be done from your phone, tablet, or computer. My favorite app for keeping up with chats is Tweetdeck. To stay on top of chats, all you have to do is answer the questions as they come, using the format we mentioned. Interact with the moderators (@TravThroughLife and @CharlesMcCool) and other participants by liking, replying to, and retweeting our responses. Also, it’s okay to be serious when answering but even more okay to give lighthearted answers. Pictures are encouraged and funny GIFs are a big win in our book. And finally, remember that we’re here to have a good time. That’s why we didn’t call it #BoringTravelChat

Why We Started #FunTravelChat

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Let me be honest with you. Charles and I decided to start #FunTravelChat because we LOVE Twitter chats. We’re both involved with a few and think that they’re just the greatest thing since sliced sourdough. Twitter chats are essentially a huge networking event taking place every week and you can join them for free. Isn’t that amazing? I always come away from a chat having learned something new from my friends and with newfound knowledge about our beautiful world. I also learn about some fun new travel hashtags, which is great for a nerd like me. Doesn’t all this sound amazing? 

When to Join #FunTravelChat

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We’d love to have you on board for #FunTravelChat. Please feel free to join us. So mark your calendars for when? Mondays at 12:00 PM ET! After the chat completes, we invite you to join our Facebook Group. There, you can talk about Fun Travel (of course!), participate in choosing themes and questions, and any other sorts of fun stuff we cook up. 

How to Get #FunTravelChat Questions

Best Twitter Hashtags FunTravelChat

We will post our latest round of questions in our Facebook group the day of the chat. If you’d like them emailed to you, sign up for our #FunTravelChat newsletter and we can make that happen! Also, be sure to follow @FunTravelChat so you can keep up with questions and any future updates from us on Twitter!

4 thoughts on “#FunTravelChat on Twitter

  1. D of Love C and D says:

    This sounds great. If we’re able to make it (being based in the UK sometimes makes these difficult) then we’ll definitely be joining! If we can’t make it for the chat live, we’ll definitely check out the tweets later on ?? #FunTravelChat

    • Duke Stewart says:

      Hi D,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I totally get the time difference and understand if you can’t make it. Hopefully you’ll be around the same time zone as us ETers and can join the chat! Thanks again!

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