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Pennsylvania’s Best Independent Hotels in the Poconos

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Are you looking for Pennsylvania’s quieter side and don’t know where to start? Every year, visitors head to the Poconos in search of life’s quieter side and more hotels keep popping up all the time. People are always looking for that special place to stay in the Poconos but the problem is, where are all the good hotels? This guide will help you find the best of Pennsylvania’s best Independent Hotels in and around the Poconos.

Hotels in the Poconos

Photo by Michael Tu via This post on hotels in the Poconos is a part of our series on Pennsylvania travel and USA travel. It was originally created on October 5, 2015. It has been maintained and updated (as of December 14, 2018) to reflect current viewpoints and travel trends.

Pocono Palace Resort, East Stroudsburg

Stay at Pocono Palace Resort, and you’ll have one of the most romantic stays in the Poconos. You can choose from a super private room with no windows or one with views of the nearby lake. There are tons of things to do around the resort, including roller skating and mini golf. You even get access to amenities offered by its nearby sister resorts. Prepare for a wonderful getaway at Pocono Palace Resort and you will receive it. All you have to do is book!

Split Rock Resort Hotel, Lake Harmony

For travelers looking to have some extra fun while getting away from the grind, Lake Harmony’s Split Rock Resort Hotel seriously has everything. Guests come during warmer months for the fishing, outdoor activities, and Split Rock, but there’s more. Book in advance during the summer and fall and you’ll get access to the on-site festivals that draw visitors from all over the world.

Paradise Stream Resort, Mt. Pocono

Paradise Stream Resort is Mt. Pocono’s finest and most romantic getaway. Everyone raves about the Champagne Tower, and after staying there, you will too! Besides reconnecting with that special someone, you can enjoy time by the pool or doing one of the many activities offered on site or nearby. Paradise Stream Resort will be the perfect way to escape and reconnect.

Great Wolf Lodge, Scotrun

Imagine a log cabin mixed with a water park but much more, and that’s how you can best describe Great Wolf Lodge in Scotrun. Families with kids can take advantage of the various themed rooms. Prepare for an all-inclusive adventure vacation when staying at Great Wolf Lodge. Your kids will never want to leave!

Bonus: Valley Forge Casino Resort, King of Prussia

For those looking to stay a bit closer to the city, Valley Forge Casino Resort is King of Prussia’s best inclusive option for a variety of reasons. It’s surrounded by so many amenities that most guests barely set foot outside. Whether you’re visiting for a casino spree or spa retreat, Valley Forge Casino Resort will take care of everything. To keep families in mind, kids under 17 can stay free as long as they sleep in the parent or guardian’s room.

Now that you’ve got the keys to the best of the Poconos, aren’t you ready to book at one of these hotels? Everyone needs an escape from the everyday grind and with places to stay like these, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Get a head start on everyone else and choose from this list of wonderful hotels. Your loved ones will thank you for it.

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  1. Ken Dowell says:

    I recently stayed in a brand new Pocono hotel, Kalahari. Like Great Wolf, the main attraction is a water park. But the hotel did have a surprising variety of pretty good food choices (unlike Great Wolf). Great image at the top of the post.

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