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Why You Should Visit Switzerland This Winter

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Imagine a visit to Switzerland in winter and you’ll likely conjure up images of romance and beauty that’s hard to top throughout the world. This is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places on the globe and winter is the best to visit. If you still need convincing, here are five places that explain why you should visit Switzerland this winter!

Winter Places to Visit in Switzerland

Cointrin and Geneva

Book a hotel in Cointrin near Geneva’s Cointrin Airport and you’ll have a convenient starting point for Switzerland’s second largest city. Visitors love coming to Geneva in December for events like the International Christmas Tree and Lights Festival. It’s a truly wonderful scene but be sure to get there early before the crowd. An up and coming event for polar bears and adventure seekers is the Christmas Swimming Cup that puts your bodies and minds to the absolute test.


Lake Geneva visitors have descended on Montreaux for a wonderful resort town retreat throughout the year. Spend your December at the lake’s eastern end walking along the Lakeside Promenade Fleuri for wonderful views of the lake and the Alps in the distance. Be sure to stop by the Chateaux de Chillon and you can cross off a 13th Century Castle that’s full of beauty and history from your list.

Here are some more things to do in Lake Geneva and around!


Visit Lausanne and book a hotel overlooking Lake Geneva from the north. Lausanne Cathedral tops the list of places to see away from the lake and for those interested in seeing the water, join a Lake Geneva Cruise and witness one of the earth’s most picturesque destinations. There’s also the Bejart Ballet Lausanne that’s been in town since 1987 and for adventure-seekers, join the Christmas Midnight Run and stay fit while in this beautiful city.

Kloten and Zurich

Those arriving in Switzerland’s financial capital should book a hotel in Kloten before going into one of the world’s most popular December destinations. Kloten’s Wine Tower is a fun and creative way to have a drink and look down on the city. Zurich’s Christmas Market is a highly rated experience and worth the journey if you do nothing else. After walking around the cold and busy streets, get warm at a thermal bathhouse and relax. There are many options varying from the standard to luxurious.

Opfikon and Glattbrugg

Opfikon is another great stopover for those landing in Zurich. This low-lying suburb has plenty of hotel options for travelers who’d like a good spot to rest before traveling through the country by train, as there are multiple rail stops in Opfikon. Visitors can spend time walking along Glattpark’s artificial lake and if it’s too cold for that, Glattbrugg’s Sim Park is a fun way to spend the day inside and practicing your flight skills.

Our Thoughts and Yours, Too!

So are you ready to book a flight to Switzerland now? I’m glad you are getting ready to visit these wonderful destinations and hope you enjoy your trip. Be sure to load up on fondue and chocolate but save some room for friends and family gifts. Have a wonderful time in Switzerland and stay warm while there in December! 

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