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Keep Spreading Love Today and Forever by Duke Stewart

Keep Spreading Love Today and Forever

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Where is the love? – The Black Eyed Peas

Keep Spreading Love Today and Forever

Some really real stuff happens in this world to the point that it affects even those of us who would love to stay out of it all. I struggle to stand back when terrible things happen but as some of my dearest friends have demonstrated, there are ways to turn them around and promote love over hate. By first acknowledging the world’s terrible events and dealing with them in a constructive manner, we can eventually get back to spreading love. It’s a choice that comes after serious soul searching and talking with those we trust.

I’m pissed off and hurt at the same time when terrible things happen. My heart aches through each tragedy and I grow angrier as the news pours out. Selfishly I have to stop and turn it off, knowing that some people are actually there and don’t have that privilege. That is the only way I can control the rollercoaster of thoughts rushing through my head. It’s painful to watch and hear about so many other people who are suffering and I want to roll back time, giving everyone a second chance to find a safe place before that terrible thing happened.

I know our instincts and emotions really do take over but the light will come after the darkness peaks. For as long as you feel necessary, let it all out and realize that it’s won’t always be like this. Take a deep breath and if you still struggle to keep it together, remember those people in your corner and find them. Use their shoulders to cry on and ears for listening to how you feel. It’s important for us to talk about troubling thoughts with those we love and trust, and I promise there’s at least one person out there for you.

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Another mission I’ll create is for you to not acknowledge those who want to lure you into the negative realm of the discussion. They are not important enough to grant more than three sentences of attention and maybe two is enough after all. I’m not saying you should keep those strong opinions quiet but instead, work towards strengthening that happiness magnet we all possess. If you can’t do it alone, find the person or thing that forces out that beautiful laugh and charming personality of yours. You can do it after releasing all the bad thoughts and feelings from inside, and that’s achieved through sharing them with a person or people we love.

Maybe it’s a person you’ve helped in the past when he or she had hit bottom. Isn’t it funny how the world, with people helping each other? It’s like we inhabit a truly beautiful place where we’re all working together or something. Call me crazy but I know that good can come from people, and I know you’ve got someone to pull you out of it. I’m putting it on you to find them because they’re the easiest ticket to getting out of a horrible situation. Give it some time and once you’re back to laughing and smiling again, get ready to continue the good work you were doing before.

Now it’s your turn to look back on the bad and think of a way to promote change for the better. I’m calling on you to at least think how we can all improve this world in order to prevent future terrible occurrences. It’s an old school call to action for you: Ask yourself how you can make this world a better one every day. After all, it’s our choice to make the best out of our existence on this planet. Do you want to make things better or worse for those around you? Don’t think doing nothing is the middle ground because that actually helps the latter crowd.

We are a Nation of Many Colors
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Work towards a constructive path forward and you’ll outshine those who perpetuate the hate and negativity that plagues our globe this very day. Send a kind message to a friend you haven’t seen in a while or thank the mailman for doing such a fine job. Write a thank you letter to someone who helped you a long time ago or offer to help a neighbor struggle to unload the groceries. You can even make a difference by smiling and nodding your head to a passing stranger. It won’t fix everything but will actually make you feel better after doing it.

Convincing people to spread the love and peace while ignoring the fact that the hate and fear will overshadow them is a tall order. Frankly, I don’t care and will try my best to maintain a loud shout of happiness from as high a rooftop as I can climb. The right people will hear me and will make the decision to continue paying it forward until it reaches the very last person. Don’t think I’m perfect and not prone to stumbling along the way, because I’m not and I will. Do as I say, not as I do, and let’s work together to keep spreading love today and forever. Keep on keeping on and maybe that idea will stick with more people every single day.

How are you going to keep spreading love?