Borobudur Sunrise Tour Photos

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We went into the Borobudur Sunrise Tour worried that it wouldn’t be worth the extra money but how wrong can one person be? Have you ever wanted to walk through a famous landmark with someone who’s lived there? That’s a brief summary of our Borobudur Sunrise tour in Java, Indonesia. I will always be thankful for the things we saw that day and also for Christina taking the photos that perfectly captured our day hanging out with Atik.

Borobudur Sunrise Tour Photos

The first part of the day started with a drive from Yogyakarta to the Manoharu Hotel that sits at the foot of Borobudur. We joined a pretty big group of people who were waiting for the sun to come up at Borobudur. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a “perfect” sunrise but sitting at the foot of Borobudur and in Indonesia felt special enough for me to come away with a smile. Here are some shots from Christina, the lens behind

I’ve already written a story about that wonderful day and want to share a more detailed collection of pictures from Borobudur and its surroundings. I’ll leave you alone to peruse these photos and jump in occasionally. Enjoy, my friends.

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Borobudur Stupas Up Close


Duke Stewart standing next to a Borobudur Stupa, Indonesia


Borobudur Temple Stupas from afar, Indonesia

Beautiful Stupas seen during our Borobudur Sunrise Tour

Borobudur Sunrise in Black and White

Borobudur from a distance

Gamelan Outtake

These pictures accompany the others that go with our story from Borobudur here. We then moved on and followed Atik back to the Manoharu Temple where a nice man taught us a thing or two on the gamelan. Here’s an outtake from our concert at the Manoharu. I think this one is for the grandkids.

Eva and Christina Jamming on the Gamelan

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From the Manoharu Hotel, Atik took us to a couple of villages that surround the Borobudur Temple Complex. As I mentioned in the story, we visited themed village that focus on one trade each. They’d trade goods back and forth between each other and continue to do it today. Here you’ll see pictures from the clay pottery village and one that worked only with soybeans. At the end of this series, you’ll see a photo of some banana leaf-wrapped tempeh that we got to put together.

Christina making pottery at a clay village near Borobudur Temple in Indonesia

Christina making pottery at a clay village near Borobudur Temple in Indonesia

A Clay Stuppa made at a pottery village near Borobudur Temple in Indonesia

Clay Bowls resting near Borobudur Temple in Indonesia

Clay Pots and a Woman making them in the background, Indonesia

A woman making clay bowls in Indonesia

Banana Leaf-wrapped tempe in Indonesia


For lunch, Atik took us to her mom’s guesthouse that’s not far from Borobudur and the Manoharu Hotel. She served us some soup that was her own recipe and after all that time walking around seeing stuff, this was the perfect lunch.

Local, delicious soup courtesy of the Borobudur Sunrise Tour

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Mendut Temple

The final part of the day was spent at the small yet wonderful Mendut Temple that you pass on the way to Borobudur. Here, Atik had us meditate in silence for the longest five minutes of my life. It was a true lesson in the value of time and how a little quiet can slow it down. We stare at the incense burning and the three Buddha statues that signify his form in past, present, and future.

Incense Buring at Menduit Temple in Indonesia

Inside Mendut Temple in Indonesia

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So after that, we all rode quietly in the car back to Yogyakarta and it was still early in the afternoon. If you think that there’s more to the day after this experience, then I commend you for having far higher energy levels than me.

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed Christina’s photos and gained a bit of inspiration wherever you may be. Visiting places like Borobudur and its surroundings are only half of the experience. It’s the wonderful people and interactions that we have along the way that truly makes them special. Do you agree?

Have you ever take part in a Borobudur Sunrise Tour? What did you think of it? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments section.

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Borobudur Sunrise Tour

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