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Why You Should Visit Colombia and Uncover These Destinations!

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Why You Should Visit Colombia

Colombia is coming back as a Latin American travel destination after many years in its neighbors’ shadows. Before this place gets too crowded with tourists, many visitors are getting a head start on this place to experience it. The big question that surfaces all the time is around where one should start when exploring Colombia. Don’t worry, because this guide outlines four destinations that will explain why you should visit Colombia. Let’s start with the capital and move our way out from there!


Start things off in Bogota and walk around La Candelaria’s beautiful houses and streets. Jardin Botanico Jose Celestino Mutis is an impressive collection of flowers and a great way for all ages to enjoy a break from the city while never leaving. Museo del Oro (The Gold Museum) celebrates the ancient cultures and legacy of their creations through a variety of pottery and gold exhibits. Aside from the multiple cultural experiences available in Bogota, many visitors love taking a cable car up and spending time on Mount Monserrate for panoramic views and more.


Medellin has transformed into a top Colombia destination thanks in large part to the beautiful views that come with metrocable rides between neighborhoods or barrios. Families will love Parque Explora, currently the largest aquarium in Latin America. Check out Fernando Botero’s sculptures and more entertaining sites that surround Plaza Botero. The Museum of Antioquia hosts a larger part of the local hero’s work for art enthusiasts. Spend a day and head to Laguna de Guatape for one of the most beautiful views in Colombia.


Visit Colombia’s Cartagena on the Caribbean coast experience the walled Old Town. Travelers looking to expand their UNESCO Bucket List and transport back to the 16th century will definitely love it. Plaza Santo Domingo is a big hit inside and brings lots of visitors every year. Castillo San Felipe de Barajas is not far from Old Town and worth a trip for truly picturesque views and walks through its catacombs below. Cartagena visitors can also find some wonderful scuba and snorkeling on the nearby Isla de Baru and Islas del Rosario.

San Andres Island

Faraway San Andres Island is a beautiful Caribbean destination that deserves a spot in your Colombia itinerary. It’s teeming with beautiful beaches, coral, and various eco tours that will help introduce you to them. But there are plenty of other things to do for visitors. If you’d like some time away from the water, spend an afternoon at the island’s botanical gardens. Many people like visiting Primera Iglesia Bautista for a lovely historical church and its steep bell tower that offers panoramic views of the water.

Now that you have these four awesome places to start, are you ready to visit Colombia now? Where do you plan on going first? Hopefully you get to spend time in these destinations that are helping people learn that Colombia is becoming a travel hotspot for Latin American visitors. Enjoy your trip and safe travels all along the way!

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