Travel to Get Out Travel Story and Memoir

Travel to Get Out

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Not so many years ago, I occupied a hole. One that was devoid of hope and the future seemed an inevitability, if not completely pointless. The money was good enough and life on an upward swing but something was missing. A whisper about life in Korea started this uncertain yet exciting path that I’m walking along now.  That dark and dreary hole is now a half-full well of thoughts and ideas, with the bottom nowhere near in sight. Now, I don’t see the future as such a bleak prospect. Still not clear but amidst all the fog, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Why? Because I travel to get out.

Travel to Get Out

Plain and simple. I wish it were more complex. My eyes have been opened and head turned, if not completely. Of course it’s unwise to boast that travel alone has changed me. Maybe better use of time while at home could’ve been employed but honestly, that prospect eluded me then. Now, I have a fire burning so hot that containment is not an option. At home, there was no fire. Not even a speck of tinder. An empty trough. But who cares about then? I have the world at my fingertips now. I have my well.

I Want Us All To Have It

I want to pass this dream of a life on to everyone. For us all to find that feeling, whether it’s a well or enough inspiration to just get out there. Why wouldn’t you want to see this beautiful world we have at our fingertips? See something new. Even if it’s just a town or neighborhood away, go see it! Go find it. A new discovery awaits. Of course, it might cost time and money but doesn’t everything else? I used to be a person who thought of this world as somewhat understood until I went out into it.

Today, I feel lost. In a good way. Yes, seeing the world has confused me even more than before but that’s part of the journey. We shouldn’t find ourselves immediately and this journey we call “life” requires constant work. At what? At searching within and finding something new. The unavoidable interruptions (ex. work, obligations, etc.) always present themselves but navigating obstacles is part of the rough sea that we travel throughout this existence.

Get Out, Build Your Fire

This world is huge and infinite in so many ways but for me, the lessons inside are most fascinating. Some people know everything. It’s unavoidable to find one person who’s found it all from the comfort of a living room couch… but isn’t there just a hint of curiosity inside the most assured and confident of people? If you think it’s all been read, said, done; then I think you’re just getting started. Build your fire. Continue filling the well with new ideas and aspirations.

Final Thoughts and Yours, Too!

We should never be finished. Life is a never-ending series of lessons and I owe that wisdom to the departure from my “comfort zone” that we all know and love. Traveling has sparked my curiosity and filled the well with so many thoughts that never would’ve come otherwise. Travel to get out of your comfort zone.

Why do you travel? Is it to get out of your own comfort zone? I’d love to read your thoughts below in the comments section:)

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2 thoughts on “Travel to Get Out

  1. mediodiablo says:

    As you set out for Ithaka, hope that the road is long, full of joy… you know how it goes.
    Great post, Duke. Traveling (with the mindset of a traveler, not a tourist) continues to teach me patience, reflection, exhilaration…

  2. Anne says:

    Very inspiring post! I think that everyone should travel – not only for discovering new things and seeing the world, but to understand your home and roots more. Sometimes you have to travel a long way to find what is near. After speding a lot of time abroad I started to respect and understand my own homecountry more, as I was able to reflect and compare it on my experiences abroad. I think that’s one of the most important things I’ve learned from traveling.

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