How to Travel With Your Dog by Perrin Carrell

Want to Travel With Your Dog? Follow These Tips!

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Travel with Your Dog

Listen, globetrotting is hard. There are so many moving parts. Just think of everything involved. You have to arrange transportation—usually at least a plane ticket—but you usually have to arrange kinds of travel, too, especially in remote locations. You have to figure out accommodation. You have to decide which sites you’ll be able to see. Now imagine doing all of that with a dog in tow, and it becomes much more complicated. You need to formulate a plan for travel with your dog, and that’s exactly what this guide is going to lay out!

Why? Well, first, when you travel with a dog, you’ll run into regulations everywhere. Airlines have regulations. Trains have regulations. Even most major bus companies have regulations about pets. They’re usually not too tough to follow, but they are often different everywhere.

For example, did you know that according to U.S. federal law, you’re required to arrive two hours before your flight if you plan on flying with your dog? Airlines in the U.S. also reserve the right to refuse to board any dog for pretty much any reason (although they usually reserve this kind of judgement for dogs who look sick or aggressive).

It can get even more complicated after you land. You have to figure out which hotels will accept dogs and which won’t. You have to plan attractions that will allow you to bring your dog along if you don’t plan on leaving her at the hotel (and if you do plan on leaving her at the hotel, why would you bring her in the first place?).

Here’s the point: traveling with your dog can be an extremely rewarding experience, but you have to prepare for the added layers of complexity.

Here’s an infographic with a bunch of great travel hacks for anyone who wants to bring their pup on the next adventure. If you’d like even more tips, check out the original dog-travel article here.

How to Travel with your Dog Infographic by Perrin Carrell

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Are you ready to travel with your dog now? I know I can’t wait to try out these tips! Leave your thoughts and comments below and let us know what you think! 

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3 thoughts on “Want to Travel With Your Dog? Follow These Tips!

  1. Christine Beebe says:

    I love They helped us find great hotels when I moved my dad’s dog from Mississippi to Colorado after my dad passed away. I highly recommend them.

    Also, I love your checklist. Super cute!

  2. Kristen says:

    I travel full time for work and my Yorkie travels with me. It definitely adds a lot more work but is incredibly rewarding. He is only 7 lbs. and flies in the cabin with me so most of the above doesn’t apply. We aim to get to the airport 2 hours before anyway so I can give him a long walk to tire him out and empty his bladder. As for hotels, I’ve found it pretty easy as pet travel seems to be more common now. A lot of front desk staff are even EXCITED that my dog is with me and have treats for him which he learns VERY quickly.

  3. Jessie says:

    I would love to do this, who wouldn’t. The worst thing about traveling is missing your doggies, so this would make it ultimately perfect.
    Great post

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