Planning a Trip to Dubai

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So you’re thinking about visiting Dubai and have no clue where to start, right? Fear not, my friends. Go ahead and book because Dubai is a wonderful place for travelers. Before finding a cheap flight to Dubai, there are some things you must know. You’ll be visiting one of the world’s safest cities but also a cosmopolitan, truly modern one. This guide will show you everything to know before planning a trip to Dubai, including any other questions that might arise. Let’s move around fabulous Dubai and answer all of your important questions.

Planning a Trip to Dubai

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What’s the weather like?

If you’re visiting in the summer months between June and August, then prepare for the heat. Some like to joke that the city has two seasons, hot and hotter. Travel to the city between October and April for the mildest and most comfortable weather. However, everyone else will be visiting then to enjoy Dubai’s peak season. Balance the crowds against the perfect weather if you travel then. You’ll love it and hate it!

How do I get around the city?

Whether you love driving or letting someone else do the work, Dubai has every form of transportation option imaginable. The city’s impressive bus system is incredibly reliable and the streets are clean and easily navigable for walkers, runners, or cyclists. Tons of routes will get you around in this pedestrian-friendly city. Travelers will point to the city’s taxis as the quickest and most cost-effective way to get around.

A Nol card is a must for those who need to use the Metro, buses, or water taxis. It’s very convenient and even usable via smart phone, as another example of Dubai’s impressive infrastructure and technological superiority.

Is it too expensive to visit?

With all of this convenience and luxury, one might think that Dubai is too expensive for normal travelers. It is entirely possible to visit Dubai on a budget, but you must prepare in advance and be mindful when visiting major tourist attractions. You’re in one of the most extravagant and over-the-top regions in the world. You can still see some of Dubai’s most luxurious places while keeping your wallet intact. It’s possible, so don’t let that stop you from booking!

What else should I know before going?

With all of this information, there are still some important tips to keep in mind. Dubai is a liberal city, when compared to its neighbors on the Arabian Peninsula. Visitors have to remember that it’s in an Islāmic Country and certain laws do apply, regardless of your citizenship or status.

Anything Else?

With that in mind, you should still remember to dress modestly and to avoid public displays of affection when in the city. If visiting during Ramadan, remember that Dubai officials and citizens take this holiday very seriously. Avoid eating and drinking in public areas and you’ll be fine. Once in Dubai, you’ll realize that this is not hard to follow. Those laws may seem too strict to some travelers but after you land in Dubai, you’ll realize that the city’s charms and wondrous sites will make your time an unforgettable one. Have a great time in Dubai!

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