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Germany’s Best Backpacking Destinations

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Germany’s Best Backpacking Destinations

The crowded lanes of Germany’s backpacking trail are forcing travelers to think outside the box. The problem is finding a starting point because there are many wonderful places to see. It’s overwhelming in a good way, but really, where do you begin? Fortunately, this guide will save you some much-needed planning time with Germany’s best backpacking destinations that are off the beaten path. Buckle up, because we’re getting started now!


Start with a hotel in Dusseldorf near the River Rhine, where you’ll never want to leave. The city’s main attractions include the rebuilt Old Town for those in search of a traditional German fix, and the city’s night life will keep you up and dancing the night away. At the Rhine Tower, travelers can find one of Europe’s best panoramic views. There’s so much more to see here, but it would be a crime spending most of your time by the river. It’ll be tough to move on, but there are other wonderful cities not far from Dusseldorf.


Not far south from Dusseldorf, spend some time and at least book one hotel in Cologne, because this city is a truly representative German experience. The Cologne Cathedral’s massive scale at 8,000 square meters and UNESCO World Heritage status welcomes crowds, but the city’s markets and bridges will impress every visitor who comes through. Whether you’re traveling with or without children, make a stop at the Chocolate Museum and prepare for a sugar-fueled day.


Head southwest and you’ll find a great little outpost in Stuttgart. Culture and entertainment lurk around every corner in this green-space-dominated city that’s close to the French border. Many come for the Mercedes-Benz Museum and stay for the wine and music that has locals claiming this as Germany’s richest tourism region. Varieties of hotels in Stuttgart are available to keep you comfortable and on budget!


Stop and book a hotel in Bremen for a stay in Germany’s best-kept northern secret. This Hanseatic city mixes a classic look with an omnipresent science and tech industry that dominates the local economy. Make your own Bremen experience by choosing from a wide array of attractions. Start with a whole day taking in the art exhibitions along Bremen’s “cultural mile,” or visit the University of Bremen and the spectacular Universum Bremen nearby.


You’ll find a beautiful group of art museums and churches in Dresden, near the Czech border in the east. It’s hard to decide between the beautiful Zwinger and the Royal Palace, but fortunately they are right across the street from each other. You can witness some of Germany’s finest opera and, during the warmer months, spend some time along the banks of the Elbe River with a glass of wine or whatever drink you like. Spend some time in Dresden and you’ll see the best of the east.

Now that you’ve seen Germany’s best of the rest, aren’t you ready to book a flight there? Follow this guide to these cities, and you’ll have a wonderful time in Germany. Get your backpack ready, and prepare to see some of Germany’s lesser-known destinations.


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