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The 5 Best DC Unknown Attractions

The 5 Best DC Unknown Attractions

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You think there’s nothing left to see or do in D.C. but didn’t realize we’d be here to help? Go ahead. Book a hotel in Washington, D.C. and don’t worry about finding something new to do. Why? Well it’s because we’ve got your guide to the 5 Best DC unknown attractions.

The 5 Best DC Unknown Attractions

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The U.S. Postal Museum

After loading up on food at one of the many stalls at Union Station, branch out and visit the U.S. Postal Museum. Open everyday except for Christmas, the U.S. Postal Museum is full of exciting exhibits, collections, and tours. There’s always something new happening and with such a long history, you’ll certainly find more than stamps and envelopes at the U.S. Postal Museum.

The Lincoln Cottage

While the former President’s memory and spirit live on at the National Mall, the Lincoln Cottage holds a special place in history. This is where the President lived between 1862-64. Lincoln would regularly commute to and from the White House from here, and even developed the Emancipation Proclamation from this residence. The Lincoln Cottage is a recent attraction in D.C., having opened to the public in 2008 but is already a hit with visitors. Be sure to book in advance because tickets are starting to become a hot commodity.

The Einstein Memorial

Stop by the Einstein Memorial if you’re looking for something new to see around the National Mall. Accessible via the Vietnam Memorial, this tribute to one of the world’s most famous scientists is quick walk away. Reaching the statue is a difficult trek, as it requires traversing a short yet steep set of stairs. If you’re able to reach the top, the memorial’s size will prompt a rest in the Physicist’s lap for photos and a question for Einstein if you’re feeling imaginative.

The Spanish Steps

Close to the embassies of Massachusetts Ave. NW, visitors can look down into D.C. after ascending the Spanish Steps. Known as the only park in Washington to occupy a street, the Spanish Steps are perfect for romantics with a variety of flowering trees including magnolias. All varieties of travelers in search of a quiet place to see the city will love the Spanish Steps, and probably won’t tell their friends. It’s just so peaceful and lovely at the top.

Arlington Farmers Market

Foodies and even long-term visitors know that Washington is full of delicious food options but probably don’t know about what is available at the Arlington Farmers Market, though you’ll have to get in there quick and early. Why? Because you might miss out on the freshest food found in D.C. Open each Saturday morning, over 30 vendors are on hand in this L-shaped lot offering all varieties of food and can guarantee that it’s fresh.

Our Thoughts and Yours, Too!

You thought you had everything covered, right? Now with this list, you have five more reasons to go back to D.C. So what are you waiting for? Of course, you don’t have to worry about finding cheap flights to Washington, because we’ve got you covered there as well!

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