Five Awesome Northeast Cities in the USA Photo by Nenna via Trover

Five Awesome Northeast Cities

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Five Awesome Northeast Cities

If you’re looking into a weekend or more in the USA or more specifically, in the northeast part of the country, let this guide take you through some of its best stops. There are tips here that will help every type of traveler. Whether you’re alone or with family and friends, this guide to five awesome northeast cities in the USA will help you have a wonderful trip.

New Haven, Connecticut

Start with a drive into New Haven and stop first at Chapel Street, where you can enjoy beautiful walks, coffee, and a bite to eat after arrival. There are tons of Yale-related things to enjoy but the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library is worth visiting if only because its translucent stone building that shines brightly on sunny days. Before you leave New Haven, stop by East Rock Park for views of the city and all around it.

Braintree, Massachusetts

Spend a night in Braintree and you’ll be close to Boston but why not stick around in this peaceful and interesting suburb? Visit F1 Boston for some fun go-kart racing and delicious dinner. Get outdoors at Pond Meadow Park by the South Shore and enjoy a walk, run or bike ride with nature. Head over to nearby Quincy for Adams National Historical Park and take a look at the homes of the father-son Presidential duo.

Brooklyn, New York

Visit New York and go straight to Brooklyn for the history and beauty that this borough has to offer. Start with the Brooklyn Bridge and then take an East River Ferry Cruise to get a truly picturesque view of New York City. Spend some time at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden or if you want to keep things indoors, be sure to visit the New York Transit Museum and release the train enthusiast inside through history and a nice tour.

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is a wonderful area full of hits that include the iconic Ocean Drive for breathtaking views of the Atlantic shoreline. Thames Street takes care of those who love good finds and souvenirs to bring back home. Walk on Bellevue Avenue for a look into one of America’s most beautiful neighborhoods. At the National Museum of American Illustration, you can peer into the works of Norman Rockwell among other famous artists.

Bangor, Maine

People love Bangor for many things but first for the Cole Land Transportation Museum and its wide array of vehicles that will surprise you. Paul Bunyan’s Statue is another favorite and part of Maine’s claim to the area legend. Stop by the Maine Discovery Museum’s collection of interactive displays for all ages. Visitors can spend a whole day outside with a walk, jog, or bike along the Penobscot River Walkway.

I bet you’re ready to get started packing and plotting your course through America. These northeast cities should complete your itinerary. Enjoy your trip, drive safely, and remember to tell your friends and family what a wonderful time you have through this part of the country.

What would you add to this list of rockin’ northeast cities? Ever visited any of these places? What did you think of them? 

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