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Hipmunk Hotels: Uncovered Destinations from Carlsbad to Henderson

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Photo by The Camangian’s via Trover.com

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Uncovered Destinations from Carlsbad to Henderson

It’s time to start planning your trip out west and you you may think nothing new remains to be seen. Well think again because this list of uncovered destinations from Southern California to Nevada is going to make you reconsider your bucket list altogether! Let’s get started with this mix of coast, desert, and mountains now!


Tucked in the middle of San Diego and Los Angeles, Carlsbad has wowed visitors in search of a great “Village by the Sea” as it’s known. Carlsbad State Beach is a popular choice for all visitors and is a great way to spend the day. Many people love spending time at LEGOLand and the neighboring Sea Life Aquarium. A great seasonal attraction is the Flower Fields that run between March 1 and May 10th.

Marina Del Rey

One of Los Angeles County’s most picturesque scenes is the largest small craft harbor in Marina Del Rey. However, there’s much more to this wonderful community and Marina Del Rey Beach is a great way to start for all visitors. It’s hard to avoid the water here, and when you’re not out on a boat or enjoying some sand, check out Ballona Creek for a walk or bike ride along some great natural scenery.

San Luis Obispo

Head to the Central Coast of LA between San Francisco and enjoy San Luis Obispo. Wine is found in all directions and many people love the tastes served up at Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards. Walk through history at the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa or catch an outdoor movie at the Sunset Drive-In Theatre. Be sure to arrive at the Local Farmers Market with an empty stomach because there are so many choices to sample!


Flagstaff is Northern Arizona’s representative city and not far from the Grand Canyon. There are plenty of things to do in Flagstaff and the national monuments at Walnut Canyon or Wupatki are where most people begin, but there are many more outdoor options in Flagstaff. Flagstaff’s cold weather options include Lowell Observatory for star-gazers or the infamous Riordan Mansion State Historic Park that features two mansions built exactly the same and connected by one grand room.


Nevada knows casinos and that’s definitely the case in Henderson, the state’s 2nd largest city. Though still a part of the Vegas metropolitan region, Henderson’s M Resort Casino is one of many things to do in the city. Clark County Heritage Museum is a great way to experience the history of Vegas and more through this collection of old homes, train cars and even a recreated ghost town. The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve is great for nature lovers and birders who want to see a quieter side of Las Vegas.

Which one of these awesome spots sticks out to you? Are you going to pick one or go for them all when traveling through America’s wonderful West? Enjoy these truly awesome yet uncovered destinations from Southern California to Nevada and be sure to tell your friends all about it!

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