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Discovering Lesser Known America in Fajardo, Fayetteville, and More

America Less-Known Photo by Kate via Trover.com

While it is mandatory to see places such as NYC and the Grand Canyon at least once, I think it is also essential to explore the less-known America.

Hipmunk Hotels: Commuter Hubs in the Northeast Like White Plains, Weehawken, and More!

Photo by Andres Sabastian via Trover.com

These transit hubs in the northeast are central for business travel and leisure destinations, meaning you can commute to everything you need to do.

Hipmunk Hotels: Enjoy a Beach Adventure in Costa Mesa, Treasure Island, Atlantic City, Gulf Shores, and Santa Cruz

Hipmunk Lowest Summer Airfare

Each beach town has a great variety of tourist activities and delivers a unique experience to those considering a location for a beach adventure.