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Try These Regional Mexican Food Favorites

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Photo by Audrée-Ève Levesque via

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Try These Regional Mexican Food Favorites

Have you figured out that Mexico is full of regional differences and particularities when it comes to food? Don’t worry because it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed in this department. Mexico’s food traditions are vast and definitely worth exploring, especially if you’ve come with an empty stomach. Never fear, my friends, because this guide will convince you to try these five regional Mexican food favorites.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Enjoy your stay in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo on the Mexican Riviera and eat like royalty in one of Mexico’s best resort destinations. After spending a day on the beach finding something to do, enjoy some local seafood at El Tiburon de la Costa. Tequila y Salsa Brava is well-known among visitors for its mix of seafood dishes along with common standards such as salsa verde and margaritas!

Puerto Aventuras

Head south of Playa del Carmen and spend some time in Puerto Aventuras. There are tons of foreign options including pizza and Italian but for local foodies, Paco Taco and Dos Chili’s are two popular options that only serve Mexican food. Restaurant Latitude 20 is another great option that mixes local fare along with Caribbean and Jamaican food. Regardless of where people come from, everyone raves about Jessie Gelato as a great way to beat the heat!


Tucked away on Riviera Maya just south of Puerto Aventuras, Kantenah visitors largely look to Grand Palladium Riviera Resort & Spa as their destination for many reasons. The food at El Dorado Restaurant is definitely one of them and continues to churn out rave reviews from guests who’ve spent some time at it. Those who venture out into nearby Akumal can find some choice eats at places like El Ultimo Maya and La Lunita.


There’s so much to do in Tulum, including visits to Mayan ruins as well as tons of ecotourism. The food here has to keep up with all the visitors that continue to arrive, and there is a wide variety. Various fusion eateries dominate the scene, but local favorites such as Encantada Tulum and Antojitos La Chipaneca are a great way to start your food adventure before and after visiting some of Mexico’s most famous sites.


Venture out to the island of Cozumel and you’ll find a variety of seafood and other local options that will fight for your attention. Visitors in search of a snack will love Chocolateria Isla Bella and its fine collection of sweets. Burritos Gorditos and Crazy King Burrito not only offer locally influenced food, but they cater to vegetarians. Buccanos at Night takes it a step further by offer Mexican seafood and vegan options to travelers.

Now that you’ve booked your hotel in one of these awesome destinations, are you ready to take on some of these restaurants? The only thing left for you is to pack your bags and to bring along a swimsuit. Let these Mexican food favorites take care of the rest during your trip. Enjoy your stay in this wonderful country!

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