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Hipmunk Hotels: Outdoor Fun Spots in South Portland, Plymouth, and Annapolis

Outdoor Fun Spots Photo by Jerry Lin (Jinfu Lin) via
Written by Carl Hedinger

Photo by Jerry Lin (Jinfu Lin) via

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Outdoor Fun Spots in South Portland, Plymouth, and Annapolis

America’s northeast has so many quaint little towns on the outskirts of its biggest cities, and they come with many things to do and see outside. We’re going to take a look at five of the nicest places to visit along the eastern seaboard, from Maine down to Maryland near the Nation’s Capital. Here’s a look at some outdoor fun spots in South Portland, Plymouth, and Annapolis among more American gems.

South Portland, Maine

Known as the Park City, South Portland visitors are greeted with numerous green spaces and coastal fun. The city’s Greenbelt Walkway is a wonderful 3-mile paved trail that’s perfect for morning jogs or walks through multiple South Portland neighborhoods. Bug Light Park’s picturesque lighthouse and surrounding harbor views will set the tone for a relaxing day on the water. South Portland’s Fort Preble or Willard Beach are another great way to spend a day on the coast as well!

Newton, Massachusetts

A great thing about Newton is its proximity to Boston and for the ways, it convinces visitors to forget about the big city to the west. Stay at Hotel Indigo Boston – Newton Riverside for quiet and comfort after a day in this beautiful suburb. Many visitors will love Crystal Lake’s swimming area on hot days. Get out on Hammond Pond Reservation’s walking trails or grab your gear for some adventurous rock climbing in Newton.

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Head to America’s Hometown and book a night or more in Plymouth’s John Carver Inn & Spa. Plymouth Rock is the main attraction in the Plymouth Cultural District and not far from others, like the immaculate Brewster Gardens. Plymouth Plantation is a short drive from the cultural district and a wonderful interactive history exhibit, detailing life back in the earliest colonial era. Plymouth is more than the history as Plymouth Long Beach’s beautiful stretch of sand will demonstrate for visitors.

Annapolis, Maryland

Stay at O’Callaghan Annapolis Hotel on West Street and you’ll be within a short drive of the U.S. Naval Academy and the Maryland Statehouse. Annapolis visitors have these two attractions and much more in the historic downtown. William Paca Garden offers a great window into a historic family, the beautiful house, and the 2-acre plot of land they inhabited. Walk along Ego Alley or take a pedal boat out for a closer look at the water.

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Catch a cheap flight to Washington, D.C. or drive directly to Gaithersburg for a stay in a wonderful American suburb. Walk around Gaithersburg Old Towne for sightseeing or some good local food. The Gaithersburg Community Museum offers a look into the town’s history and relationship with trains. If you forgot something while traveling, the Washingtonian Center’s shops and entertainment options will have everything that a traveler would need, and more.

No matter when you decide to visit, these options along the northeast coast have tons of outdoor fun for everyone. Whether you’re headed all the way up to South Portland or down around Gaithersburg, enjoy your stay in these wonderful American towns. 

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