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Hipmunk Hotels: Commuter Hubs in the Northeast Like White Plains, Weehawken, and More!

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The post below was originally published on Girl and Globe on June 13, 2016 by Becky.

White Plains, Weehawken, and More!

As much as I’d like for every trip to be a vacation, the reality is that a lot of travel is for business or other obligations. When you’re stuck in an office or conference room all day, it’s still possible to head out in the evening to see local attractions. These transit hubs in the northeast are central for business travel and leisure destinations, meaning you can commute to everything you need (and want!) to do.

From White Plains TO Manhattan In 35 Minutes

All of Westchester County is a commuter area for New York City, but White Plains hotels are some of the most convenient. Hop on the Metro North to ride into central Manhattan in just over half an hour, meaning you can enjoy the city that never sleeps for dinner and nightlife. The Ritz Carlton New York Westchester puts you within walking distance of the train station and shopping at The Galleria, and the hotel includes plenty of on-site amenities. If that’s too busy for you, or time is short, take a walk in Saxon Woods Park to clear your head.

Away From The Gaudiness Of Atlantic City

galloway nj

Blue Heron Pines in Galloway, New Jersey (Image by Kelly Edmunds via

There’s a time and place for Atlantic City, but if you’re in the area and want something a little more down-to-earth, booking Galloway hotels is a good alternative. You’ll find wooded surroundings instead of bright lights at the Marriott Fairway Villas, along with the opportunity to play golf or visit the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. As soon as you want thrills and excitement, Atlantic City is still just a short drive away.

In The Center Of It All In Albany

Albany is a great base for better-known locations. Saratoga Springs is just 40 minutes away, but it’s expensive to stay the night, so Albany hotels are a great alternative. Also nearby are the Adirondack Mountains, where many properties are rustic and remote. If you’re in town for work and need a weekend getaway, this is definitely a great option.

Easy Access To Conventions And The City


View of New York from Weehawken’s Hamilton Park (Image by Andres Sabastian via

Meadowlands Exposition Center hosts dozens of conventions each year, and staying nearby keeps things easy. Hotels in Weehawken, just minutes away, mean that you can spend the day at the conference and then head back to a close-knit community afterward. When you have free time, head through the Lincoln Tunnel to Manhattan or head in the opposite direction to the Jersey Shore, depending on your travel style. Weehawken makes it easy to see both!

New York’s Best Vistas From Staten Island

Staten Island is the overlooked borough of New York City, with few tourists venturing out that way unless they have family or business there. However, the ride to and from Staten Island on the passenger ferry is the best way to take in New York’s skyline, especially considering it only takes 25 minutes and is completely free. If you’re booked at one of the hotels in Staten Island, you can also take advantage of Greenbelt Nature Center, a popular local park.

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