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Moogfest Preview – 10 Things We’re Looking Forward to Seeing

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Moogfest is an exciting platform for integrating music, technology, and art. It’s also a source of inspiration and spark for innovation in the electronic music world. It started as an all-night party in 2004 for Robert Moog and his friends in New York City but has grown into something bigger. The festival has evolved and now takes place in North Carolina, making its way through Asheville before coming to Durham in 2016. Moogfest also hosts installations, workshops, and presentations alongside performances. With all that, we’re excited to check it out and with this awesome festival coming up, we want to share with you 10 things we’re looking forward to experiencing, with this Moogfest Preview!

If you want to spend a day or a weekend in the Bull City for Moogfest, let our ultimate guide show you around before your visit. Oh, and don’t forget about these awesome Durham hotels! ( | Trip Advisor)

Moogfest Preview

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Innovation and New Ideas

Moogfest’s official Mission is “to grow a global community of futurists who explore emerging sound technologies and design radical instruments for change. Not only do we want to see the actual instruments and innovation, but we also want to see the faces of the people as they experience this.” Having a child has reminded us how wonderful it is to experience something for the very first time. As adults, many of us seemed to have lost that childlike wonder that we see in our little one. But at MoogFest, we are sure to see people’s faces light up as they interact with music and technology in brand new ways.

Seeing Durham Explode with Music

Music Durham Moogfest 2018 DPAC
Travel Through Life/Christina Riley

Music is not a new thing to burst throughout Durham. With venues like DPAC, Motorco Music Hall, and Carolina Theatre, there is always creativity flowing through Durham. MoogFest goes a step further by integrating music with something Durham (and the whole Research Triangle) is known for—technology. With things like art exhibitions in the American Tobacco Campus, yoga at 21c Museum Hotel, and all-night performances at Motorco, Durham is going to be filled with the sounds and sights of electronic music and art.

Girls Who Code Engineer Scholars

MoogFest partnered up with Girls Who Code to provide 4 female students a scholarship to build their own Subharmonicon synthesizer. MoogFest is truly a blend of STEAM and we are SO excited to see this partnership inspire young girls. The Subharmonicon synthesizer isn’t available outside of the festival and the only way you can get your hands on it is by having a MoogFest Engineer Pass. As a mother of my own little girl, programs like these are paving a path of innovation for my child. I can’t wait to take her to the festival to show her what she can accomplish one day.

Modular Marketplace

Moogfest Durham American Tobacco Campus
Travel Through Life/Christina Riley

A free exhibit taking place at the American Tobacco Campus, Modular Marketplace is an interactive pop-up featuring boutique electronics, experimental effects, and Eurorack synthesizers. It’s a chance for anyone to experience modular synthesizers and talk with designers. We’re looking forward to getting a hands-on experience and playing the future of electronic music.

Chelsea Manning’s Keynote

Durham Festival Moogfest Chelsea Manning Keynote

Chelsea Manning, controversial figure and National Security expert, will address the intrusion of technology into our private lives as well as influencing the future of our society. She’ll also discuss how disruptions of technology can be a creative outlet. Manning is a political activist who spent seven years in prison under allegations of leaking security information.

Yoga After Dark

Yoga After Dark, a two-hour workshop, combines gentle and mindful movement with quadraphonic sound. As yogis practice, they will be surrounded by a live musical performance. There will also be a curated DJ soundscape set and stunning cinematic images. Music is deeply rooted in mind and body so participants will journey together reach clarity and resolution.

Thibault Dance

Events in Durham NC Michael Stipe at Moogfest

This installation named “Thibault Dance” is composed by R.E.M frontman Michael Stipe and shot in New York City. This is his second audiovisual piece and we’re excited to see the unveiling!

Sleep Concert Presented by Iceland’s Bedroom Community

Being dubbed as the “Grandfather of all durationals” is the Sleep Concert led by Bedroom Community founder Valgeir Sigurosson with label mate Liam Byrne. This all-night concert allows for participants to relax on mattresses from Nest Bedding. It will also prepare participants to “explore deep, interior spaces in a rare communal setting.”

The Fine Art of Not Knowing What You’re Doing and How to Apply It

The title speaks volumes to us! Lisa Smith is going to discuss how the perception of needing expert skills and knowledge in electronic music can actually be holding you back from succeeding. She’ll talk about her experiences and how the internet has opened up opportunities all over. Smith will also discuss how to move past your fears and insecurities to start making music. We look forward to the inspiring words she will be sharing that is not just applicable to music technology, but for life skills as well.

Sharing Moogfest in Durham with You!

Durham NC Notasium

We’re really just happy to be in Durham at such a fun time. Thanks to big names, interesting exhibits, and workshops, this is going to be a blast! Moogfest is such a unique and innovative event that everyone should check out at least once. We hope to see you there along with us and would love to know your thoughts about Moogfest. What are you looking forward to seeing there? If you’ve never been, why would you like to go?

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Yoga after Dark sounds up my alley Christina, because I am doing it for an hour daily but during day time LOL. Durham seems hip and happening. I cruised thru a few years ago and loved the vibe of the place. We also send some awesome basketball players to Duke University from New Jersey 😉


    • Carl Hedinger says:

      So you want to up it to two sessions a day? I’d be up for that. Been pondering restarting Yoga mostly for flexibility, but I bet it’s great for other reasons. Really appreciate you stopping by and commenting, Ryan. Hope you have a peaceful day.

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