Munich Minus Oktoberfest

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Heading to Munich and realize that it won’t include Oktoberfest? What should you do? You’ve missed a holiday that’s truly hard to beat, but not the only thing to do in Munich. This guide will show you that Bavaria’s capital is awesome, even outside of Oktoberfest and the other peak seasons! Here’s your look at Munich, not just Oktoberfest.

Why Avoid Oktoberfest?

Munich is already full during the summer months, thanks to lovely weather and a variety of other events in and around the Bavarian capital. The crowds and various other Oktoberfest quirks aren’t for everyone, and might give you a bad feeling about this wildly popular festival. The size and popular demand that surrounds it creates headaches as well, so the Oktoberfest officials created this quick guide for visitors to follow and read. If you’re a traveler who loves to beat the crowds and still see most of Munich’s prized spots, then you should arrive between March and May.

What Should I Do?

Munich has something for everyone, and many people start with the pedestrian shopping area known as Marienplatz. Grab some wonderful food here before getting some fresh air at the English Garden, to watch the surfers and catch some sun on nice days. Gorgeous architecture is everywhere in Munich but the best is found at the city’s largest church, Frauenkirche. This 500-year old cathedral holds up to 20,000 people and can’t be missed when looking around Munich’s skyline. Along with the sights, Munich has a crowded events calendar and always has something for visitors, no matter the time of visiting.

What and Where Should I Eat?

Aside from the Marienplatz, Munich has tons of food options including a variety of wonderful ethnic cuisine ranging from Turkish to Vietnamese – many available for cheap. Eco-minded visitors should visit one of Munich’s bio-friendly organic markets, part of a nationwide chain. Tradition is why a lot of us come to Munich, so why not enjoy some fine traditions of beer and wine at Ratskeller? Here you’ll find a variety of drinks and food that truly represent Munich and Bavaria.

What Else Should I Know?

Munich is wonderful in so many ways but Call-A-Bike is a service that pushed this city ahead of the competition. If physically able, save some money (and the environment) and ride a bicycle while staying in Munich. You’ll find some hidden attractions easily passed over while using the U-Bahn or driving through the city. You can register online and within minutes, be part of a wonderful program. You’ll see Call-A-Bike stations throughout Munich so don’t worry about searching too long for one.

Now that you’ve got these tips on the best ways to enjoy Munich sans Oktoberfest, you can start packing and preparing for your trip. Low and shoulder seasons don’t require much advanced planning but you can go ahead and book a cheap hotel in Munich. Enjoy your stay in the Bavarian capital and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. Take care and have a safe trip!

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  1. Jeri Walker (@JeriWB) says:

    I did my sightseeing of Munich a few days before Oktoberfest got underway and then came back at the end of my two-week trip to spend a day in the beer tents. I really enjoyed the Viktualienmarkt. Also too, I can’t imagine visiting Munich without taking a trip into the oh-so-green and castle-laden countryside 🙂

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