Honolulu City Guide - Photo by Renee O. via Trover.com

Honolulu City Guide for All!

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Photo by Renee O. via Trover.com

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Honolulu City Guide for All!

Do you think that Honolulu is too expensive for you? Well, think again. It’s the best destination in the U.S. and everyone wants to go. You can too if you plan it right but don’t worry, this Honolulu City guide will get you there with a fully functional wallet after leaving. Here’s how we can all visit Honolulu.

Reasons to go, if Needed

Hawaii appeals to everyone, as visitors should prepare for spectacular beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, and much more. If you still haven’t decided to book, then just remember that Hawaii is one of the most colorful places you’ll ever visit. With a distinct culture and interesting food varieties Hawaii definitely sets itself apart from the rest of America. You will certainly feel like you’re away from home, and in a good way.

Avoid Peak

The weather is generally great throughout the year, but budget visitors should note that there are two busy times of year in Hawaii. There’s more precipitation during winter months , but many travelers visit during December to round out the year in paradise. Summer months (June – August) are also a busy time, so you’d better avoid those peak times if you want to save some money, otherwise, jump on in with the rest of the crowds!

Best Way to Get There

If you’re looking to save on a flight to Honolulu, then look no further than Hawaii Airlines. Other airlines will offer reasonable prices but remember booking ahead is a must. The demand simply outweighs the number of seats available on flights going to Honolulu. During spring and fall, rates do tend to go down but that sometimes means that eager travelers will jump on the discount as soon as it becomes available.

Sleep, Have Fun… and Save!

If you’re trying to find a decent price on a hotel in Honolulu, then you might want to avoid the hotspots. Stay at a hostel or go with Airbnb, and your wallet will be thankful. After you’ve gotten some rest and are ready to venture out, you’ll be amazed at Honolulu’s wealth of inexpensive or free activities. The city offers a Hop On Hop Off bus tour for $11, so you can get your bearings on where to go and what to see. For those in search of Hawaiian culture and entertainment, you’ll probably be lucky and stumble upon one of the many festivals happening throughout the year.

What Else Should you Know?

While you are getting excited for this trip of your dreams, there is one thing to keep in mind. Honolulu is Hawaii’s largest city and thanks to a quirky state law, is actually the largest city in the world. Traffic could be an issue if you are on a time crunch and need to get somewhere quickly.

You really can’t go wrong if choosing Honolulu as your next destination and remember that getting away from the mainland means you’re leaving those worries and stresses back home. Enjoy your stay in Honolulu and, don’t worry about your wallet. It will be just fine in paradise.

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