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The Best Ethnic Food in Los Angeles

Written by Carl Hedinger

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The Best Ethnic Food in Los Angeles

Everyone comes to Los Angeles for the bright lights and big attractions but forget about the wonderful food coming from all over the world. Name a country and you’ll be able to find its culinary representation in the City of Angels. Forget about the big players and the crowds that come with them. Go straight to the source with this guide to the best ethnic food in Los Angeles.


Culinary creations are growing more diverse inside Koreatown, though one can still find the most awesome Korean food away from Seoul. Thanks to many years of sharing and cooperation with Latinos, there’s also a nice variety of Korean-Mexican food trucks and fusion between two of the most celebrated food cultures. Visitors can find plenty of non-Korean restaurants working hard to compete and earning lots of praise throughout Los Angeles.

East L.A.

If Mexicali Taco Company in Downtown is too busy for you, go to East L.A. and you’ll find the city’s best collection of Mexican food. Of course the big players are here, and you’ll soon see the buzz around places like La Casita Mexicana. There are tons of options in the area so don’t get stuck on the big hits. East L.A. is your best bet for really good Mexican food, regardless of the restaurant.

Little Tokyo

Japanese food is everywhere in L.A., stretching as far out as “Sushi Row” in the San Fernando Valley. The first place to see some true Japanese cuisine is in Little Tokyo, one of only three Japantowns in the United States. More importantly, this Downtown neighborhood houses some of the best Japanese food found in North America. Don’t know where to start? Join a Little Tokyo Food Tour and learn about this truly important and tasty part of the world.

Fairfax Avenue

Fairfax Avenue has something for everyone, but especially those in search of Kosher eats. Everyone looks to Canter’s Deli first but there are other options in the neighborhood. You can also find L.A.’s famed Farmer’s Market on Fairfax and probably never leave. With food from every corner of the world, stop by and don’t spend it all in one place. Head to Fairfax and don’t worry about choices, because everything is here.

Persian Square

Also known as Tehrangeles, Westwood visitors will find the best Persian food in L.A. and anywhere outside Iran. If you’re unable to see Darya or Flame, any of the area’s best restaurants will impress even the most demanding visitor’s tastebuds. The Persian Square has a lot of food in store for visitors. Stay in the area and you’ll likely get caught up in one of Tehrangeles’s latest events.

These are the best but not the end of L.A.’s ever-expanding choices for ethnic cuisine. The city is a veritable food wonderland, and continues to add great tastes to its menu. Be sure to stop by these ethnic food paradises and more while staying in the City of Angels. Enjoy your time in Los Angeles and try to sample as much as you can.

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