5 Atlanta Trip Tips - Photo by travelbug via Trover.com

5 Atlanta Trip Tips!

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Photo by travelbug via Trover.com

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5 Atlanta Trip Tips!

Why Should I Visit?

East Coasters may love New York and West Coasters can’t get enough of Los Angeles, but everyone knows that Atlanta rules the South. The ATL hosts more than a few nicknames, and it also has something to do for travelers of all kinds. There’s always something fun happening in the big city and these 5 Atlanta trip tips will help you find them.

When Should I Go?

You’ll find a plethora of free events happening throughout the city during the summer, as peak times to visit Atlanta are from May to September. Spring and fall, however, are also great times to visit, thanks to budding flowers and fall festivals. Budget conscious travelers needn’t worry, though, since Atlanta boasts one of the world’s busiest airports. That means you can find cheaper and more convenient flights to Atlanta at any time of year.

Getting Away From the Airport

After landing and grabbing your bags, you might just realize that there’s plenty to do near the Atlanta airport. If you’re considering Atlanta hotels in the city center instead of near Hartsfield-Jackson, there are plenty of transit options. People generally travel around the city by car, and rates from the airport start at $30 for a taxi or private driver. Some hotels have a shuttle service and will take you around the city. MARTA is the city’s mass transit option, and it can be a much cheaper and more convenient option during peak travel times.

What Should I Do?

Once you’ve settled down, it’s time to get out there and really enjoy Atlanta. If you’re not in town for a specific event or convention, hit the Fox Theatre to catch a show in surroundings that will make you want to see your name in bright lights. Marine life lovers will truly enjoy the Georgia Aquarium, with an impressive list of tenants including whale sharks. If you’re looking to get off your feet, a Segway Tour will get you on your way. These are just the start of your fun-filled Atlanta adventure. You’ll have plenty to check off on Atlanta’s ever growing list of things to do.

What Else Should I Know?

After you’ve gone out and seen the city, make sure you don’t stick out like a tourist. Beware of streets, roads, boulevards, or any other roadway named Peachtree. Atlanta has a whopping 71 streets named Peachtree, so if you are driving, be sure to travel with a GPS. Finally, Atlanta might be a big city but it has not forgotten about hospitality. People are friendly and always willing to help.

What are you waiting for? Book a flight to Atlanta and find out for yourself. There’s no reason to worry about your stay in Atlanta, because this guide will get you in and around the best city in the South.

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