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We’ve spent about half a decade traveling through and living in Asia. Please enjoy this...


Please enjoy this collection of Australia travel stories and guides, along with guest posts from...


Please enjoy this collection of Europe travel stories and travel guides, along with guest posts...

The Americas

Spanning from the Arctic to Antarctica, North America and South America are filled with some of the...

South Korea

Are you planning a trip to Asia and don’t know where to start? You’re in luck because I’ve...

Why Go Back to Japan

My heart trembles at the thought of Japan and I'll struggle to capture its greatness in words. I...

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Welcome to our always growing list of travel destinations. Here you will find travel stories and travel guides that market the world's finest locations! You can pick a continent, country, or choose from many of the cities and regions that we and our guest writers have covered.

Please feel free to peruse our growing collection of stories and guides compiled by the Travel Through Life team, as well as our exciting lineup of guest authors.

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Is Bali Worth Visiting?

We spent about a week there between other stops in Southeast Asia and in looking back on it; I have...

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Enjoy Spring in Korea!

Spring in Korea is the most interesting season and for many good reasons that I'm going to explain.

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