Guest Post Submissions

Guest Post Submissions!

Guest Posts are a wonderful way to get your name out there and branch your own social network out to different audiences. I honestly can’t say anything bad about it!

I want to hear what you have to say about a variety of topics while keeping within the thin confines of’s brand. Here’s a quick Table of Contents for this page.

Word Count and Photos

Before Mentioning the Topics that I love to read and share, two things that increase the quality of any blog post. 

Word Count – I shoot for a minimum of 1000 words but since you’re a Guest Poster, 500-800 is a good range here.

Photos – I’ve been going for basically one photo per paragraph or headed section. Also, set aside one with enough space of a similar color for me to use as the Featured Image like here. For size, I’m a Twitter Man so please send them with at least 1024 width and 512 height. Anything over that is fine by me.

Note: If any links are placed in your post on behalf of a company, this qualifies as a sponsored post and is subject to charge by yours truly. Let me know if you’re interested and I can reply with rates in a subsequent email.

Topics That I Love!

  1. How to Enjoy (city, country, province, or other location of your choosing). 
    • Here, I’m looking for something that is more a series of Travel Tips than a personal story.
    • Pitch a place and your angle and we can talk more about your recommendations on “How to Enjoy X” out there for everyone to see!
    • Focusing on Local Travel is quite challenging but can provide tons of values to readers, tourism boards, etc. This is a wonderful chance for you to shine in their eyes.
  2. 1st Person Narratives of Your Experience in (City, Country, Province, Specific Place)
    • Why are you writing about this place? You’ll see a lot of my stories about travel destinations begin with Country, City – Angle. The last part is the “Why” and as long as you can identify that in the overall theme of your piece, you’ve got something worth sharing.
    • Why should people visit? Share captivating pictures and words about your experiences there and people should see just why it’s worth a visit. 
    • Present tense. Want to take people on a journey through the words you write? Write your story in the present tense and you’ll do just that. Trust me. I’ve made that change while writing and have seen wonderful results and reactions from people who read my stuff. 
  3. 1st Person Narratives about Why You Travel
    • Here are Some Examples of my and others’ writings on the subject.
    • Focus on one aspect of why you travel. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) is applicable here. Just focus on one thing that’s yet to be covered in the Why I Travel series, and you’ve got something!
    • Be passionate and don’t be afraid to evoke emotions through your writing. Not much explanation necessary here. You should be hungry enough to write something that’s full of enough grit to get people inspired to follow your lead!
    • 1st Person – You’ve Got That Covered
    • Simple Present Tense – Take the readers there with you and don’t look at it so much as a memory of something that’s happening RIGHT NOW. It’s engaging that way.
  4. Travel and Giving Back
    • This is one that really speaks to me these days.
    • Here are some example questions you can use as jumping-off points. Note: You do NOT have to follow them. They are just a guide in case you get stuck about direction.  
    • What types of volunteering have you performed while traveling or at home?
    • Where/When have you volunteered? 
    • Why do you volunteer at home/when traveling? 
    • What was your most memorable experience volunteering? Why? 
    • Why should more people give back when traveling? 
    • Do you feel an impact when volunteering/giving back? 
    • Has this affected the way you view travel in any way? 
  5. Your Idea
    • Think you can give me something that’s not one of these three? Go for it (!) and I’ll let you know if it’s workable within

Submit Your Guest Post!

So now that you’ve seen some options, do you want to write something for us? Send me an email with your name and idea, and we can talk about it. Here are guest posts from other awesome people! Join our growing community of writers!