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As a recovering Expat, I write about Life through Travel and want you there with me through captivating stories followed by guides on how to do the same. My work has been featured in various magazines throughout Korea and in online publications including the awesome Hipmunk.com. I am also a nerd and love to point out a situation's similarities to any of my favorite movies, books, or tv shows. You've been warned:) Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for daily updates.


  • Duke, I am planning to spend 2 weeks in Korea in October with a Taiwanese friend and your blogs make it seem like you’ve covered the territory I might like to visit. I am thinking of 5-6 days outside of Seoul. We are interested in tea, and plan to go to Bossing/Hadong area. The place you described in your perfect Sunday tea piece–where is it? I also want to do some walking in the Mt. Jiri area. What do you recommend and where do you recommend to stay in these areas? I am not driving but can figure out how to get to good places. Any advice will be helpful as I am just getting started. Thanks.

    • Hi Ron, not sure how you found this particular page and apologies for the delayed reply. The Tea we had was in Hadong, which is right on the border so South Jeolla and South Gyeongsang Provinces. For Jiri San, Piagol Valley is a good places to start for a nice walk. Shoot me an email if you have any further questions to dukestewartwrites@gmail.com

      Thanks for stopping by!

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