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Budget Hacks – Traveling in Italy for Cheap

Traveling in Italy for Cheap - Photo by Judith Cruz Gamboa via
Written by Carl Hedinger

Photo by Judith Cruz Gamboa via

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Traveling in Italy for Cheap

It’s pretty hard to find a cheap Italy backpacking itinerary but have no fear, my friends. Just be sure to visit during the shoulder seasons before May, after July or during winter. Aside from Christmas, these are the cheapest times to visit Italy. Now that you know, here are five destinations that are lesser known but worth a visit if you want to go traveling in Italy for cheap.


Siena is a popular destination and just a short day trip from Florence for travelers without a car. Piazza Del Campo is Siena’s most well-known attraction and one of the most beautiful medieval centers in the world, renown for its architecture. If you’d like some more history while in the area, visit San Gimignano and witness a well-preserved Etruscan village turned commune that’s full of history and beauty.


Head to Como and spend time walking through a truly classic Italian lakeside town. The promenade is undergoing construction but the rest of this retreat is one of the best Italian lakes to visit. The Casa del Fascio and Como Cathedral are both free to visitors and full of architectural mastery that will guarantee you’ll need an extra camera battery. Hiking options are in abundance thanks to Como’s mountains and hills, which complete this as a perfect stop for budget travelers in Italy.


Verona is known to be better suited for rich tourists but you can make it by walking around the city’s fabulous attractions. Book a hotel in Verona and walk through Romeo and Juliet’s shoes along the world’s most romantic trail that’s named after them. Visit the Arena di Verona and witness a wonderful and well-preserved ancient structure that’s still going strong today. Stroll around the Piazza Bra and take yourself back to the Roman Empire inside this massive square.


Sirmione is an interesting destination that lies on the tiny Sirmio Peninsula in Brescia. Just walk around the old town and enjoy all architecture and history that surrounds you. Walk away from there and visit the Grotto of Catullus, where you’ll see an old vacation home that Roman royalty used. It’s almost $10 to enter but you can easily spend half a day there. Sirmione Castle is a big draw for budget travelers since there’s reportedly free admission on Sundays.


Capri is well-known as a VIP destination and a day trip from Naples, but there’s a certain charm that makes it a can’t-miss place. Save a few euros on a slow ferry and once you arrive, it’ll become clear that the attractions on Capri aren’t too expensive. Tiberius’s old retirement home (Villa Jovis) is still there and only $2 to enter. The Gardens of Augustus are an interesting find for those in search of a quiet afternoon away from the crowds.

So there it is, everyone! You can actually start booking your flights to Italy and plan a trip around these five destinations. Be sure to pack smartly and bring a camera so your friends and family can live through your travels!

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